• Warning ... Ladies...

    ~ Hi  everybody ~

    We're going  to  speak to you  about The  Pill

    The  pill is a means  of contraception which nowadays goes in his 40 years.

    This symbol of  feminine freedom is not dethroned in spite of the diversity of the means to master its fertility.

    In spite of the insurance which it brings to the women there is many name say around the hormonal contraception. 

    Difficult to escape the new sanitary scandal French-style which is outlined,  today a young woman puts us the doubt on this mode of contraception when she lodged a complaint against the manufacturer. 

    The pill of the third generation is for her  the cause of her handicap bound to an AVC. 

    The agency of safety of the medecine announces that it will banned from now on  by the specialists.

    And it  is bannished from the market.

    But what interests  women is to find out whether there  really is a problem and if it will be settled...



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    dumont78 dumont78 profile
    Saturday 23rd February 2013 at 16:17

    Hi grils! Thank you for finding a title to your article...

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