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    Today, I am introducing you the book trailer that I have created

    in classroom. So this is what I have done.




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  • Your security is precious for us.


    Why does Safe Dreams is important for you ?

    By our days , the security of your dreams is in danger.

    Most of the richs and popular people can be the victims of a dream theft.


    How do it works :

    If your need our help. Call us or send us an email which describe your problems. Then , you will be call by the laboratory to come in one of our secure room. All your dreams will be analyzed  and stored in the laboratory  with our powerfull servers. All the servers are managed by our compagny and no dreams can be stolen by a peer or another compagny. Everything is secured.

    To enter in your dreams we have to make you sleep with a powerfull sleeping pill. And then we enter in your dreams and Special Force is deployed in your dreams in order to defend what you want to keep inside you.


    You may need our compagny if :

    -You are occuping a high place in any commercial and economie firm because of the concurrence.

    -You feel insecured

    -You are persecuted in your personnal life

    -You want to erase a reccurent dream or nightmare

    -If you want to memorize something during your sleep time

    -More than everything , SAFE DREAMS'S principal service is protecting you from exterior threat.

    We are the solution of your sleep time problems and our prices are incredibely low.


    Under the terms of contract , it's stipulated that the entreprise don't support the consequences of malfunctions of Safe Dreams , these are the consequences :

    -Brain malfunction if the dreams are stolen

    -Temporary or total amnesia

    -Creation of dual personnality ( Schizophrenia )

    -Loss of dreams


    Now , present the several advantages , Safe Dreams is a compagny which was created in the goal to protect the population , the principle is to safety the brain of people , why trust us ? Because Safe Dreams ensure a protection and a safeguard complete of your brain , and a safeguard of your dreams and of your memories in our databsae with no danger to you.


    Thank for your choosing

    Safe Dreams

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  •  After our victory on the contest of the best invention of our class, we won with the SHRINK RAY. In fact with this invention your life will  be easier and better.                                                                                                                           Its aim is to reduce or grow the size of objects, foods all you want , when you want and as you want.You can forget the problems of the cardboard box, the impressive number of movers who may lose or damaged your business without forgetting the bill at the end.                                                             And about food it's the end of waste. you can choose the size based on your appetite and of your gluttony.Don't waste more , eat your fill !!!!!                               

                               From the largest to the smallest

    Winners of the best invention of the TL 2013 ♥   Fanny & Julian


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  • Hello everybody ! We introduce you , our new project which is The Bracelet of the future.


    We decided to create this bracelet for ease all the people as adults or teenagers but also for the elders people . We also thought about the handicaped people . 

    This bracelet has a lot a functions for you , such as researching people far away , You don't need to drive anymore , you don't need a computer , maps as direction and buying cell phone . Everything we've created is made to ease your life , a life without problems . 

    And for the blinds people , we thought to a macroship , which detect movement from cars or people and also put braille for them , to recognize the voice recognition.

    And for the handicaped people who sits on the wheel chair, the bracelet may be on a side of the wheel chair . 

    Thank's for seeing , we hope you'll buy our bracelet of the future . 

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  • In our English class, we had a special final task: 

    "Thanks to something you have read in a book or something you have seen in a film, your team of scientists has made a technological breakthrough! You are very excited by your discovery, and you want to present it to the whole world!

    In a few weeks, there will be a contest for the best invention of the year, and you intend to win it. You have to make a complete presentation of your invention, tell how it works and how it will change people's lives"

    So my partner Théo and I decided to introduce our projet with the name The Berzek Process, a mix of our two names Bertrand and Blazek. It is a little bit inspired of Jurassik Park. Because of the cells of lizards and earthworms limps which were amputated can grow again, and make people's lives become as happy as it was before their amputation.

    The Berzek Process

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    Hello everybody ♥ :) Today , this article concerns our song  "Don't cut their wings " that we wrote and sang in class .

    We choose to write a protest song about the subject of violence against children . The instrumental of our song is Stand By Me of Ben E. King  


    I give you the codes that will help you decrypt the message hiding !

    Clock :  Time         Nest: Place       Cake:Birth     Heart :Love                            Cloudy : Dream     Games : Childhood      Little angel : poor innocent       Without : Lack               Food : Candies     Care : Soap       Morality: Violence                                       Education : Instructions use 


    Don’t cut their wings


    We don’t choose the time and place of our birth  

    We don’t choose the clock and nest of our cake

    Them who need so much love , to dream

    Them who have a big cloudy heart

    But obtain only isolation and solitude

    But obtain only isolation and solitude

    Deprived of love , deprived of childhood

    Deprived of heart , deprived of games 


    We don’t choose the time and place of our birth

    We don’t choose the clock and nest of our cake

    Too fast tipped over to the harsh reality of  life , us poor innocents

    Too fast tipped over to the harsh reality of the life , us little angels

    Recreant that you are ,to take on weaker than you

    Recreant that you are ,to take on weaker than you

    We don’t choose the time and place of our birth , us poor innocents

    We don’t choose the clock and nest of our cake , us little angels



    We don’t choose  the time and place of our birth

    We don’t choose the clock and nest of our cake

    Lack of care and food , the violence is the same

    Without soap and candies , the morality is the same

    How built a future without education ?

    How to built a future without instructions use  ?

    This suffering should be  intended for you , and not at these poor innocents 

    This suffering should be  intended for you , and not at these little angels  


                   Laurane & Fanny  

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  • Today, the english class must  create a protest song on the theme that we wanted. Here, we have Candice and Alexis with a song named "Papers". The subject is on the undocumented migrants. 

    Here the music: https://soundcloud.com/alexis-meillan/papers-with-lana-del-candou
    Here the lyrics:

    It's a way to make them feel good

    It's a way to protest as well

    we hope that it will happen this afternoon

    They hope that they will never have to sleep under the moon

    Shall we be bilnd ?

    Should they clean their mind ?

    Should they love mankind ?

    Shall we be blind ?

    They are waiting to build their nest

    Little papers are flying

    Some of them an booby-tropped 

    Some of them can escape 

    But they just want to undercover

    Here the coded messages:

    1st Part:

    -To have the right to live in France 

    -To protest  for their situation

    -Waiting for a vote at the assembly

    -They will never have to sleep outdoor

    -Must we keep our head down to see anything?

    -Must they delete this dream of liberty



    2nd part:

    -They are waiting to build their home

    -The vote is falling

    -The government make them go back to their country

    -They can’t avoid the authority

    -Finally, they have a job

    -But they just want to have a home


    And if you want to make a karaoke, here the instrumental where the song lasts  longer : https://soundcloud.com/alexis-meillan/protest-song



    Alexis Meillan

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  • I Run Away



    I'm fed up with your lies

    I just want to wish you goodbye

    I want to be listened to

    And I don't want to look like you

    You can't make me stay



    I feel so locked up

    Never mind if you are shocked

    I don't need anybody anyway

    Let me run away


    I smell only of pain

    It's necessary to cry shame

    So I want to rebel

    you Go and die in hell


    Let's stop screaming

    I want to think of my dream

    Let me run away

    Or I will pass away



    Codes messages :

    Pass away : I will disappear

    Look like : I want to be different of you

    Locked up : I do not feel good



    In my song , I protest against the society , which doesn't let freedom and liberty of expression. In my song I say that all the people lie without reason, and nobody listens to me. I try to run away to have a better world, and I don't want to look down on the society. And If I don't run away , if I don't cry my pain , I will pass away .. all will be over , I would die .


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  • There is still have a big distance I have to face in my life

    It was always the same song and that was all my disgrace

    I was so young, I was a child, and was powerless



    If life is a reality, mine was a real fatality

    from the distance I have to make silence

    Mom have you ever realize, my life could be a paradise

    If I were stronger, If I were stronger


    I was helpless, humiliated, and my life was in danger

    You only cry, when i left, Where was you when I bleed?

    I have sometimes, need to cry, but i'm stending on my feet




    Go run run run, all my friends never know, I never want go home (yeah)

    Go run run run, I want to forget him, but i can't when I know you're away from me




    For all the beaten child, never be afraid to say (wow)

    About all your problems

    because someone always be there for you.


    My protest song speak about violence against children. In the song, there is some codes:

    when I say "Distance" you must understand "violence"

    "and that was all my disgrace" I wanted to say " I was beaten everyday and my mom never want to see"

    be a paradise" -> " maybe have change if you leave him before your marriage"

    " you only cry [...] bleed" -> " I take my destiny in my hands, I left, you cry on your life but where was you when your husband struck me and I cry?"

    "I have sometimes need to cry" -> " Today I remember the past and I cry for you who are in hell"

    "I can't when I know you're away from me" -> "I want to forget my scars but I can't when I know you are with him and probably beaten and my little brother too and he became like his father. Why are you not like me who protect both of you from the devil?"

    "to say"="to speak"

    The song is based on the melody of Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

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  • Running on The Hub of the Universe



    Shoes like Addidas shoes ; It’s finished

    This is not a spell of witches…

    Oh God, why didn’t  you intervene,

    In  the streets of Massachussetts ?

    Run, Run, Run, Run, Run

    Or  your innocent mind will burn !



    Black or White, no matter ;

    Danger is within a pressure cooker !

    Impossible for them  to know that they had one foot in the grave

    Cooking or playing , don’t run to be saved !

    And run, Run, Run, Run, Run

    Or  your innocent mind will burn !

    He said « Yes we can »

    And Boston said « no more life, no more weekend ».


    BERTRAND Théo, 2013 .





    HI, I’m Théo Bertrand and today I present my protest song against the terrorism, and more specifically the attentat of Boston in April. I hate this type of communication to impose their opinions, this is why a made a protest song. Many people came to run with great intention, and finally, certains people will not them feet to run. Today; they have no feet to run, they have 2 hands to drive.





    Codes messages

    -Shoes like Addidas shoes : Certains personns did have legs cut in The Marathon of Boston.

    -Witches and God : They don’t make this attentat, it’s an humain action.

    -Pressure cooker : The bomb of Marathon Boston was in a pressure cooker.

    - They had one foot in the grave : English’s Expression who had a sad connotation.

    -The Hub of the Universe: Surname of Boston City


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  • I heard 


    I heard : "polar bears don't live with brown bears"

    What about pandas ?

    I heard : "camargue horses don't mix with Arabian horses"

    What about zebras ?

    Sometimes we must (shut) make silence 


    I heard, I heard, but I don't listen 

    It's not worth the trouble

    I heard, I heard, But I don't understand

    When wil this hate end ?


    I heard : " doves don't fly with ravens"

    what about magpies 

    I heard : "white whales don't swim with humpabck whales"

    What about orcas 

    whipped cream is better with melted chocolate



    Codes :

    Animals = humans 

    Contrast = Black and white


    Topic : Racism and discrimination



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  •          The Mess 


    The Mess was here a long time ago,

    When the grass had not even grown

    And they all have ask for it to go, 

    But they still witnessed for it alone.


    Be chosen or choose, it was our fate,

    Sing and ask, was our escape

    All straight in dirt, and frozen, we wait

    The call of our leadership.


    We don't want mess; too much

    We don't want mess; too dust

    Children are shaking their hands. 


    Walking silently through this terror

    See all the pain and all the loss

    Surround with tears and ask; I wonder

    If He will really came at last. 


    The mess is now just only a game

    For the king to get gift, but alas ! 

    I was straight in the dirt and rain,

    Watching all the white points on the grass.


    We don't want mess; too much

    We don't want mess; too dust

    They told me : stop the mess it costs. 



       Codes and messages 


    Mess : war.

    They : soldiers.

    Ask : pray.

    The call : order to begins the war.

    leadership : the major. 

    Too much (chorus) : so much lost, so much people who die.

    Too dust (chorus) : people who die.

    "Shaking their hands" : for saying Goodbye to people going at war.

    Terror : the military funeral

    Pain : body dismembered

    Loss : soldiers who die and let their family behind. 

    "Tears" : from woman who lost their husband, brother, and friends. "Ask" : the women who pray for their close relative. 

    He : god.

    King : president.

    Gift : interest.

    "White points on the grass" : Arligton national cemetery.

    It costs (chorus) : It cost in the way : money, and it cost in the way of lifes. 


       The choice


       I choose to do my protest song on war, because so much soldiers have die, before it was religion war, before war was only a way defend the country and protect citizen, but now it became a reason to get interest from another country.  In this poem, I repeat a many time "We don't want mess", indeed, we don't want any war, we don't want any massacre,any disaster, we don't want to take people from their family.  



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  • All lies on them

    James was born in 1995
    Green eyes, brown hair;
    The doctor sait his birth was way too fast
    But he survived.
    James has a long story,
    The first time we saw him, he was playing with those strings.
    He didn't know that he would keep it during his whole life.
    For the parents James was ok,
    For the doctors James was ok.
    James was like one of those kids
    They were afraid of his beauty
    2012, he went to the university
    Harvard, Julliard, MIT, Brown, Columbia wanted him
    But James, just took a decision with his strings
    James was the entire sky as himself
    For the parents James was ok
    For the doctors James was ok
    But more James grew up, more they believed it, more he cheated on it;
    2012, he lost his strings.
    That was the trigger of his next life.
    You can sing it with the soundtrack that you prefer because we didn't decide which one we'll keep. We choose to create a song about people with diseas because in everyday, we see people who can't go to school because they need to much treatment.

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  • I chose to write a protest song against the violence of our parents , the violence of street youth. My song is called "STRONGMAN"


    I remember myself all these times

    When I had to deal with a strongman

    Freedom or happiness

    A dream almost unreal


    I speak for all the young people

    I speak for all the weak ones

    Who feel alone

    Together we are one


    Let us stop the sufferings

    From our fathers to our mothers

    Let us stop the sufferings

    These hoodlums are responsible for

    The sufferings of too many young people


    Mom when I com on your grave

    I am sad

    It's a protest song

    Against this abomination

    Make a rebellion


    Let's stop this violence

    I tasted this experience

    We will end the silence No longer be lenient

    Face our parents (x2)


    Codes :

    Strongman : Violent man

    Freedom : No escape

    Happiness : Misfortune

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  • Hello every body !

    Today I would like to present you my english-task that I had to made this week, I had to write a song with secret massages in it ! I decided to make a song who's talking about the mistake of our society and the future of our world. There it is !

    I hope you'll enjoy it !



    Miss Take

    Sometimes I just don't understand

    Why are we sitting when we could stand

    Why are we fighting when we could live

    Why are we stealing when we could give

    Please just explain me

    Why there is always somebody

    Who will dominate easily

    Is it our destiny ?

    Or God's plan maybe ?

    It makes me feel scary

    For everyone else and for me


    Did you know that in Wonderland

    They have different plan

    Of what their life will be ?

    For example

    They do not fight the dragons

    They transform them into friends

    Who do not cause destruction

    And with them

    They create legends

    For their children

    Who at their turn

    Will create legends

    To make a sort of peace

    That we could call the end

    Of the dictatorial kiss


    It's with this sort of logic

    That one day we'll stop being


    I hope you understand what I mean

    Cause I will not repeat

    We have to protect what's green

    Or prepare ourselves

    for a terrible halloween


    If you ask her for food she will feed you

    If you ask her for tools she will give you

    If you ask her for love she will love you

    But if you try to take it by force she will kill you

    That's why I respect her

    The land of all of us, our mother




    And one day I will thank her

    By dying in peace, staying with her

    I hope she will

    Forgive my brothers

    For their stupidity

    And their errors

    That we could clearly call a crime

    Against some one who just can't cry


    You know I just don't want to see you die

    I will do anything, it could be kill or lie

    And I give you my word

    I will defend this world

    Against the madness

    Of all these little lords


    This is the end of my declaration

    There will not be any abrogation

    redemption or reddition


    That would be able

    to change my mind

    I say good bye

    we'll meet another time



    There is the beat that i choose for go with the lyrics :

    And here is the messages :

    dragon : Governement

    dictatorial Kiss : Tyrani

    green : environement

    Halloween : destruction of the environement

    Mother/Her/She : Earth

    Brothers : rest of the Humanity

    Little lord : enterprise leader


    Thanks for reading and.. Let's see us a other time !

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