• Charlie lives again and forever.

  • Hey everybody  !!! The creators of THE INTERNETed NEWSe have an official website with all their works, bonus contents and even a special topic with humorists who inspired the team like Monty Python, Les Nuls, Les Robin des Bois or Kad and Olivier. Take a look !!!


  • At Saint-Laurent, in Canada, a dead whale ran aground the coast and is actually deflating. It is full of gaz.The whale's 25-metre carcass washed into Trout River just over a week ago, and has since been pushed up against the beach. 

    The corpse might explode and the population and government don't know what to do of it. We will have more informations in the following days



    The dangerous whale


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  • THE INTERNETed NEWSe - Broadcast 2 (First Part)

    HE INTERNETed NEWSe is back ! For this broadcast, there are two parts. Look the broadcast ! It's funny !

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  • THE INTERNETed NEWSe (Special issue) - Valentine's Day

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  • Oscar 2014 : The selfie the most shared by the world

    A selfie gathering stars of Hollywood during the ceremony of Oscars on Sunday took a global dimension, shared more than a million times on the social network Twitter.

    On this selfie , we can recognize Brad Pitt , Angelina Joly , Meryl Streep , Jennifer Lawrence , Bradley Cooper or Kevin Spacey realized on Sunday evening in Hollywood . This picture took immediatly a global flight . The tweet the most shared by the history of Twitter, with two million retweets in a few hours . Surpassing that of the re-election of the president of Barak Obama .

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    A big happy birthday to Facebook !

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  • Diane 35 is a contraceptive pill which was out from pharmacies after bad conquecenses over women. Four people die because of it and there were 125 case of severe thrombosis. Bruxelles impose to the pharmacies in France to sold Diane 35 from half January, but he will not be use as a contraceptive but as a way to solved the issue of acne. 


    This pill was on the market in France since 1987 and more than 30.000 women took this drug. At this moment, it was use as a contraceptive. 

    Pills : Diane 35 is back in pharmacy,the reason of this decision

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  • THE INTERNETed NEWSe: The first broadcast !

    his is it ! Here the first broadcast of THE INTERNETed NEWSe with Alexis Meillan, Thibault Pierre, Théo Bertrand and Quentin Corosine. This is the beginning of a great broadcast already a classic !

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  • QUIZ! The winner win nothing !

    I'm a country which wins more and more power in the world. My purpose is to compete the United States and to become the new superpower. I adhere more and more to the capitalism by wanting to make more and more profits. I shall have to fight the corruption, serve my people and fight tax havens. But, capitals were found on the island of Tortora, the capital of British Virgin Islands, considered as a tax haven. Who I am ? China or the pot calling the kettle black.
    China is THE FAIL OF THE WEEK ... (fake communist)

                                                                                       Alexis Meillan

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  •      On December 29th at about 11 AM, Michael Schumacher who went skiing with his fourteen years old son, fell on a stone in a off-piste area of Meribel. His situation is now critical. He is still in an artificial coma. The police station opened a case to know the reason of Schumacher to do off-piste. He had an medical intervention and should have been bought back to life. The doctors of the Grenoble's University Hospital hold a press conference on the purpose to indicate that the vital pronostic of the german ex-pilot of forty-four years old is engaged. One of the doctor even say that " He's helmet saved his life, without it, he coudn't be transported at time at the hospital." Somes questions remained about the subject : what will be the consequence for the ex-pilot further to a cranial trauma ?

         On December 31st, Michael Schumacher had a second medical intervention and it seems that his situation is a little bit better but he remains fragile. After the investigation, we learnt that Michael Schumacher went on a off-piste only for helping someone who fell. He is at his third week of artificial coma. We dont have any information. 


    Schumacher, between life and death

    We can wonder to ourselves : How is it strange that a man who was a many time Formula one world champion and who risked his life to do what it became his passion, can be right now in a critical situation because of having skiing in a off-piste ? 

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  • The Christening of Prince George

         The Prince George third in line to the throne, was baptised on october 23 at the Chapel Royal at St James's Palace in London. He was baptised by the Archbishop of Canterbury. It was a private christening, with only senior royals, four members of the Middleton family, the seven godparents and their spouses among the 22 guests. He was wearing a replica of a gown worn by Queen Victoria's eldest daughter. 

        The duchess carried her newly christened son out of the chapel after the ceremony, and the guests then left for tea hosted by the Princes of Wales at Clarence House. The Queen told to the guests how much she had enjoyed the ceremony. It took about 45 minutes. 

       The Christening of Prince George                       The Christening of Prince George







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  • FAKE OF THE WEEK (new topic)

    The Fake of the week is this TV commercials for Costa. Look this video:

    At first sight, nothing shocking (if you understood, congratulations ! You're a big boss or just you have a good cultural knowledge. So, you say nothing and you let me finish. Impolite)
    Why this TV commercials is the fake of the week ? Just because the song of this ad is "Sealing", performed by Rod Stewart and released in 1972.
     The song was re-released by Stewart asa charity single after the Zeebrugge ferry disaster in 1987. Bad joke or just inattention ? In any case, we touch the bottom in the category of the stupidity ... or the abyss ..

    What thinks the lama ?
    _ I SPIT ABOVE !!!
    The lama spoke. 
    End of line for this week.
    (Thank you to my mother for this revelation. Emotional moment. Marshmallows and caramels, cordially.)

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  • ZEYNEP ORAL: Meeting with a persecuted writer and journalist

    Friday, November 15th, our class met the Turkish journalist and writer Zeynep Oral. She is famous in his country. She published twenty books and of course, many articles in many newspaper. She won the title of “Best Serial” in Journalism Awards in 1984, 1985 and 1986. She had the title of “Mother of peace” by UNESCO in 2000. We met her for the “Journey of the persecuted writer” and she came in our high school for to talk of his situation in Turkey. She was accompanied with a man who represented Amnesty International.  For begin, talk to Turkey. It’s a country with 80 million inhabitants. Since 1923, after the Turkish war of independence for to cancel the Treaty of Sèvres which had separated the country and the Ottoman Empire, Turkey become a democratic, republican and secular state. But, since 10 years, since the arrival of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the head of the government, the country becomes more and more a kind of dictatorship. In fact, there are 57 journalists in jail. They are accused of terrorism only because they are writing against their government. If we write against the government, we can be judged. Since 10 years, the country becomes less and less secular. In fact, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have an Islamic politic and he wants to impose his ideals to the population. (Attention! It’s not a judgment against this religion. It’s a just an observation. He would be a catholic, Jewish, etc … I shall say the same thing). The government is filmed to the mosque. It said that the women must have 3 children compulsorily. There are laws for that the women cannot work. We have a separation of the men and the women.
    Officially, Turkey is a democratic state but in reality, this country becomes more and more a dictatorship.
    Zeynep Oral fights for that Turkey recovered her liberty. With his books, she make like a kind of resistance against this government. The writing, the words are her best weapon against a government which wants to make dumb her population.  A noble and brave fight in front of an authoritarian government which is not denounced enough all over the world.


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  • The Philippines the survivors bury their deaths and call in for help

    Numerous bodies, very not identified, must be transported, on Thursday, November 14th, towards common graves, macabre but essential task to clean up Tacloban, city of the Philippines almost shav

    ed by the typhoon, where the survivors implore that we help them

    Six days later Haiyan, whose balance sheet should amount in thousand deaths, about 200 mortuary bags were aligned on Thursday morning outside of the city hall of Tacloban, the capital of the island of Leyte particularly bruised by the typhoon

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