• Charlie lives again and forever.

  • Hey everybody  !!! The creators of THE INTERNETed NEWSe have an official website with all their works, bonus contents and even a special topic with humorists who inspired the team like Monty Python, Les Nuls, Les Robin des Bois or Kad and Olivier. Take a look !!!



    Twenty years ago, Kurt Cobain was found dead in his Seattle house. The autopsy revealed that he comitted suicide by shooting himself in the head. Like many other artist like Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and more recently Amy Winehouse, he died when he was twenty seven years old, leaving behind him a great carrer.

    Today, his widow Courtney Love (also singer in the rockband Hole) gave an interview and said that there probably will a musical to honour the memory of her dead husband.


    The last shooting of Kurt Cobain was taken by Youri Lenquette on february 16th in 1994, two months before he died. He was pictured holding a gun in many photos.



    Frances Cobain, the daughter of Kurt and Courtney Love took part in the musical project. But you have to know that nothing is sure yet.

    So stay tune !





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    Natalia Kills : New album "Trouble"


    Natalia Cappuccini, known as Natalia Kills, was born August 15 in 1986. Afro-Jamaican and Uruguayan origin, she was raised in United Kingdom. 

    Between 2009 and 2011, she released her first album produced by Will.i.am : Perfectionist. An album of 14 songs electro, dark and rhythmic.



    In 2014, at the age of 27, she released her second album : Trouble.



    "Two and a half years after his first album, which left already shows some personal universe and a sharp pen, Natalia Kills recidivism with "Trouble". She exposes her scars, her trash personality and her different musical facets. She continues to press where it hurts. The singer still plays provocation and does not intend to stop. She denounces the condition of our society which "fuck for McDonald's" and lives in ecstasy. Natalia Kills describes a decadent youth and a generation lost in the television and the technology."





    The first two singles of her album are already available. 











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  • Chicago Fire


    This is an american serie created by Michael Brandt and Derek Hass in 2012. The serie took place in Chicago,

    in the United States of America. The drame serie follows the lives of the firefighters who are working at the Chicago Fire Department.

    This is focusing on the technical aspect of the career as well as it's focusing on the personal life of the firefighters and paramedics.

    (For now on, there is two seasons and forfty-four episodes.)

    Chicago fire - Chicago pd

    Chicago PD

    This is an american serie created by Dick Wolf on NBC since January 2014. This is a spun-off from Chicago Fire.

    This show follows the cops of the Intelligence unit in District 21 who are fighting against organized crime, drugs dealers...

    (For now on there is one season but the NBC had officially declared that there will be a second season for autumn 2014)

    It is entirely shot in the city of Chicago.

    Chicago Fire - Chicago PD


    The series has had several crossover episodes with Chicago Fire. 



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  • This teenager novel was written by Mallorie Blackman and published in 2011.



    Boys don't cry  














    The summary

          Dante is waiting for his exam's result. The mail which will take him into college. Through his futur life. Everything that he had ever dremed of. But when it rings at the door, it's not the postman but Melanie, his ex-girlfriend who didn't gave him any news for few months. She is with a baby, his, them. Being a father at only seventeen years old ? It is something to cry for. But boys never cry .... 


    The Author

    Mallorie Blackman was born in london. She is an english writer. She wrote for teeanger  as well as for the adults. She worte a tetralogy of Noughts and Crosses. She wins more than fifteen prices for her novels which were translated into french, spanish, german, and italian. 

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  • At Saint-Laurent, in Canada, a dead whale ran aground the coast and is actually deflating. It is full of gaz.The whale's 25-metre carcass washed into Trout River just over a week ago, and has since been pushed up against the beach. 

    The corpse might explode and the population and government don't know what to do of it. We will have more informations in the following days



    The dangerous whale


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  • The State of Oklahoma had to proceed, on Tuesday, April 29th, to a double execution for the first time since almost eighty years. Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner must be killed by injection in a prison situated in a town in the southeast of Oklahoma City

    But everything did not go according to plan. These two executions must be realized by means of a new protocol which had never been tested. The new procedure plans the injection of three products to the condemned person: a painkiller, an anesthetic and some potassium chloride with lethal dose


    A doctor came then to examine the place where the injection had been made and discovered that a vein had burst, preventing the painkiller from acting suitably, according to the explanations given by the director of the administration of the prisons of Oklahoma, Robert Patton.


    The New York Times specifies that, without the effect planned by the painkiller, the injection of two other products causes " an oppression and atrocious pains ". " It was extremely difficult to see that. That looked like the torture ", declared, at the exit of the execution room, the lawyers of Clayton Lockett. The condemned person finally died from a heart attack at 7:06 am, that is about three quarters of an hour after the beginning of the execution.

    Year 2013 was for the death penalty in the United States one year of decline, marked by executions and death sentences at levels among most low for decades

    The United States: a failed execution which turns in the torture in the Oklahoma


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  • In friday morning, there was a TGV accident just near to Reims in the South of France. Indeed, a man was collided by a train exactly in the municipality of Puisieulx. The trafic was arrested during 2h30, for fire brigades help the man. We don't know if the man steel alive.

    TGV accident in France

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  • THE INTERNETed NEWSe - Broadcast 2 (First Part)

    HE INTERNETed NEWSe is back ! For this broadcast, there are two parts. Look the broadcast ! It's funny !

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  • Between what I think
       what I mean,
    I think I am saying,
        what I say,
        what you want to hear,
        what you hear,
        what you think you understand,
        what you want to understand,

        and what you understand !

    There are nine possibilities
    not to understand.

    But please, try anyway.

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  • Must the electronic cigarette be forbidden in the public places?


    According to several other American cities , Los Angeles has just forbidden the vapotage in all the public places. If the complete harmlessness of the e-cigarette is not demonstrated the studies confirm that it is much less dangerous than the classic cigarettes. His defenders put forward his efficiency in the smoking cessation, his opponents see an incentive there to consume some tobacco. Is his ban in the public places an effective health policy ?



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  • Hello, 


    Today, I am introducing you the book trailer that I have created

    in classroom. So this is what I have done.




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    Watch the paintings/ choose one and write a paragraph on

    what you see and on the feelings that stem from what you see: .

    (descriptions/ feelings/ impressions/ Type of painting/)


    Then try to guess the topic we are going to work on



    POC Share with class: Convince your friends that your guess on

    the  might be right,  using relevant ideas thanks to your

    preparation. (remember: no notes; get prepared)



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  • Last week end I went to La Comédie Française to watch a representation of Andromaque ( a dramatic play written by Jean Racine) settled by Muriel Mayette-Holtz. This was a very impressive casting and it took place in the famous salle Richelieu. The stage was separated by three greek columns and the costumes of the comedians were made of  white silk and cotton and were wavering thanks to an artificial wind.

    Many critics said that the representation was to light and purified to touch the audience. I do not agre because I felt involve by the story and the way the comedians played the characters.

    Andromaque by La Comédie Française

    Cécile Brune (Andromaque) and Eric Ruff (Pyrrhus)


    Andromaque by La Comédie Française

    Léionie Simaga (Hermione) and Clément Hervieu- Léger (Oreste)

    Andromaque by La Comédie Française

     Léonie Simaga ( Hermione)


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