Natalia Kills : New album "Trouble"


    Natalia Cappuccini, known as Natalia Kills, was born August 15 in 1986. Afro-Jamaican and Uruguayan origin, she was raised in United Kingdom. 

    Between 2009 and 2011, she released her first album produced by Will.i.am : Perfectionist. An album of 14 songs electro, dark and rhythmic.



    In 2014, at the age of 27, she released her second album : Trouble.



    "Two and a half years after his first album, which left already shows some personal universe and a sharp pen, Natalia Kills recidivism with "Trouble". She exposes her scars, her trash personality and her different musical facets. She continues to press where it hurts. The singer still plays provocation and does not intend to stop. She denounces the condition of our society which "fuck for McDonald's" and lives in ecstasy. Natalia Kills describes a decadent youth and a generation lost in the television and the technology."





    The first two singles of her album are already available. 











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  • Coldplay: New album "Ghost Stories" released the 19th May 2014

    his week, the group has published the first single "Magic" which announce a calm ambient and maybe a strange atmosphere in the album. This is a back to basics for them.
    This is the first single "Magic":

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  • Lady Gaga


    Lady GagaJune Stéphani Germanotta is born in
     28 March 1986 and from Newyork.  Since 2006 she's Lady Gaga, a psedonyme which from Radio gaga by Queen.Lady Gaga is a pop american singer, she had make four studio albums at 27' years old. She's sold more of 115 millions of CD in the world.


    She's very famous for her creativ and surprising look :

    Lady Gaga


    Lady Gaga


    Lady Gaga


    Contrary has many of other pop star Lady Gaga is a very good musician, a pianist.
    She love making a "piano voice" in her live.
    What delight her fans the littles monsters.

    She's maked much "duo" with big stars like Elton john and here Tony bennett the jazz man with The lady is tramp


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  • In the midst of economic crisis, the French fear for their jobs. More than a third of French people consider the insufficiently protective Labour Code for employees (37%). 

         Situation is also worrying for students who themselves admit also be exhausted (39%) suffering from loneliness and isolation (26%) and sleep problems (22%). When asked if going well, 37% said that their health is not satisfactory.

    Overwork, fatigue or stress? Take a break from your daily routine and relax with relaxation

    What is relaxation?
    Relaxation is a practice based on calm breathing and muscle relaxation, designed to reduce physical stress, mental stress and it is often associated , Generally, we try to escape his min
    he action of the music touch the limbic system where the keyboard of our emotions. Rhythm and intensity of sounds and stimulate our emotional reactions and bring us wellness promoting peace, balance and progression to improve our physical and psychological state, where necessary and possible .

    So try with  chosen as the most relaxing music of the year ;)

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  • The MTV Europe Music Awards 2013 are back! The stars get ready to receive their trophies, and to deliver services(performances) of madness!
    An evening not to be missed
    After the grand show in Frankfurt, last year, it left for the musical evening of year 2013. The ceremony of the MTV EMA will celebrate its 20th birthday on November 10th, 2013 and it is in Amsterdam where it will be necessary to be. It is in the Dutch historic capital, that the MTV EMA 2013 are going to settle down, by investing a new concert hall ultra modern, Ziggo Dome. The same concept as previous years, we shall find a list of more prestigious guests some than the others, to come to get back their trophies. At the same time, the stars will interpret their last tubes. You will have understood him, one evening

    The event will have for master of ceremonies, the only rock musician RedFoo. The MTV EMA 2013 chose a correspondent of choice, in the person of Aryanah Grande. The young direct rival singer of Selena Gomez, who will be also present on November 10th, possesses 10 millions of followers on Twitter and 7 million fans on Facebook. It is thus the ideal person, to inform the Internet users of the procedure for the ceremony, on the social networks. You will see the performances of the following artists on stage and there live: Katy Perry, The Killers, Snoop Dog, Affro Jack, or still Imagines Dragons

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  • Lenny Kravitz - Are you gonna go my way

    We don't forget the old music . Here a masterpiece of rock music , the famous song of Lenny Kravitz . He's a famous american singer and guitarist. he sold more than 30 million albums in the world . He played on every stage in the world .

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    Deep Purple is a british rock band create in 1968.

    MEMBERS : Steve Morse, Don Airey, Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, john Lord and David Coverdale. 

    (There have been many change since the 70s)

    Deep Purple is a band famous for their performances on stage and their extravagant look.

    After more than 40 years of succes they publish a new album

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    Yes is a British rock band create in 1968 who gleaned international sucess thanks to its progressiv and symphonic music . 

    Membres : Chris Squire, John Anderson, Stive Howe.... (There have been many changes since  the 70s)
    In five in scene, Yes are know for their long song, their albums covers elaborate and their performances in their concerts.








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    Our favorite robots are back with a new single « Get Luky » with Pharrel Willaims and Nile Rodgers. It’s simply, Daft Punk want us to fill their ears with a single joyful, dancing and very very very nice to listen. The 21st May, their new album “Random Acces Memories” comes out in the world. They prepare it since 2008; after their world tour “Alive 2007” and before the “TRON Legacy Soundtrack”.

    Suffice to say that they are expected since many years. Their last album is “Human After All” (listen it), released in 2005.
    Eight years after, the robots return and they promise an incredible album bringing with them the novelty in the current musical landscape, which is very cold and soulless. Like what, you have to believe that robots have a soul.

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  • Hi everybody  

    Today I want to share with you this sad reality. This article will highlight a passage from life to music . During slavery The slaves used slave songs to express their feelings, to denounce their slavery conditions or to keep hope of being free again .The music was the symbol of the power of the slaves !  Why did I choose this music ? Because for me the notion of freedom is very important ! Again today


    Of course yours point of views are welcome  Thank you ! 

    Fan-Art (Fanny)

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  • For the first time since the creation of the subway at the end of the XIXth century, a subway station will take the name of a French singer: Serge Gainsbourg will be on the line 11.

    Bring the noise !


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  • I discovered this song a few month ago, and it remind me our Enlish lessons about Martin Luther King and his famous speech "I have a dream" which is mix in this sound of Bakermat called "Vandaag".

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  • Rolling Stones 

    Last week, the rock band announced a new show at Hyde Park on 13th July. 
    Obviously, they'll be never tired of playing music !

                   Bring the noise !

    Black Sabbath 

    This famous hardrock band gives a show at Paris Bercy, on 2nd december. This a great news for all their french fans who seen them a long time ago. 

    Bring the noise !

    My choice.

    In my childhood I used to listen to this music. I was born in a rock'n'roll family. My father teached me all that he know about the rock'n'roll. Let's share this beautiful song. 


    s a gift, I give to you this one. I hope that the teacher doesn't paying attention to the lyrics. :D By the way, I saw Alice Cooper on stage at Le Zénith last year, it was so crazy. 

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  • This new movment apperead in february, " Harlem shake " is a video presenting a group of persons, often dressed in costumes, dancing in a absurd way on the piece Harlem Shake of the composer of electronic music Baauer. 

    We would know what the Harlem Shake really is, so, we went on youtube and saw many reactions of American dancers who dance the REAL Harlem Shake and diseagree with the new maner of dancing it.

    New version of the Harlem Shake: 

    Real version of the Harlem Shake: 


    Laurane and Marine

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  • 30 Seconds to Mars Launching New Single Into Space

    Rockers 30 Seconds to Mars will blast their new single "Up in the Air" literally into the air tomorrow when the first copy is included on a SpaceX cargo mission delivering scientific experiments and goods to the International Space Station.

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    Eric Clapton: 'When I'm 70, I'll Stop Touring'

     Eric Clapton is about to release is 21st album, Old Sock, on March 12th and head out on a spring US arena tour, including the guitarist's Crossroads Guitar Festival at Madison Square Garden in April. See him when you can: in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Clapton reveals his touring days are winding down 

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    [Bono Embraces 'Inner Nerd' in Fight Against Poverty]

     Bono put aside his rock stardom to focus on global poverty at a Ted talk in California yesterday, where he joked that he was giving up his "usual tricks" to focus instead on "evidence-based activism," the Los Angeles Times reports. 

    Bring the noise!

    [No Doubt Hit Studio to Work on New Music]

    No doubt are already back in studio in Los Angeles and working on new music according to a post on their Facebook Page.  

    Bring the noise!



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