• The Legend of Hercules


    The Legends of Hercules

    The Legend of Hercules

    Hello everybody, today I'm going to present the famous last movie of the year : The Legend of Hercules.

    Hercules is the son of the queen Alcmene that Zeus gave him secretly King Amphitryon to reverse it once the child becomes an adult.

    Love Hebe , Hercules is betrayed by the King her to his other son , Iphicles.

    The demigods is exiled and sold into slavery.

    Become gladiator and stunning all enemies , Hercules , with the help of Sotiris , his comrade in arms , will attempt to free the kingdom from the tyrrany of Amphitryon , Hebe snatch from the jaws of his brother , and finally take its righful place , one of the greatets heroes that Greece has ever known.

     The Legend of Hercules

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