• The Grand Budapest Hotel


    The Grand Budapest Hotel is a film released on February the 26. It's an american comedy produce by Wes Anderson, with Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori, F. Murray Abraham ...

    The film recounts the adventures of Gustave H., the man with the golden key of a famous European hotel of the interwar period, and bellboy Zero Moustafa, his most faithful ally. The search of a stolen painting, work invaluable dating for the Renaissance, and a conflict around an important family legacy form the weft of this story in the heart of the old Europe in full changing.

    The film won the Grand Jury Prize at the international festival : Berlinade 2014.


    The Grand Budapest Hotel



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    The Legends of Hercules

    The Legend of Hercules

    Hello everybody, today I'm going to present the famous last movie of the year : The Legend of Hercules.

    Hercules is the son of the queen Alcmene that Zeus gave him secretly King Amphitryon to reverse it once the child becomes an adult.

    Love Hebe , Hercules is betrayed by the King her to his other son , Iphicles.

    The demigods is exiled and sold into slavery.

    Become gladiator and stunning all enemies , Hercules , with the help of Sotiris , his comrade in arms , will attempt to free the kingdom from the tyrrany of Amphitryon , Hebe snatch from the jaws of his brother , and finally take its righful place , one of the greatets heroes that Greece has ever known.

     The Legend of Hercules

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  • Hello everybody , today I'm going to speak about of last famous movie : Ender's Game.

     Release Date : November , 6 , 2013

    Directed by  :Gavin Hood

    With : Harrison Ford , Asa Butterfield , Ben Kingsley

    Genre : Science -Fiction , Action

    Nationality : American


    Summery :

    Ender's Game tell the arrival of alien species on the Earth who threat the human species.

    To save the mankind the armed forces , Mazer Rackham , the commander of the International fleet will take in the army a young boy , Ender Wiggin who has an unusual tactical intelligence to save the human population.


    Personnally , I highly recommende this Film will transport you to another dimension...


    Ender's Game





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                                                                         THE BUTLER 


         The Butler is an american historical fiction drama movie directed by Lee Daniels, written by Danny Strong. 

    This story was inspired by Eugene Allen who worked for the white house for 34 years until he retired at the head 

    butler in 1986. This movie was a huge sucess in United States of America. 



                                              Lee Daniels' The Butler


          Cecil Gaines served at the white house as Butler for thirty years of service and were close to eight different president.

    This man who worked as slave in coton fild will have the privilege of politics upheaval and historical event. It also tells

    about the black people's struggle for equal civil rights led by Martin Luther king. 




    Eugene Allen 


    Lee Daniels' The Butler

     He was born in 1919, in Scottsville (Virginia.) He worked in coton field of Georgia as slave. He died in 2010 (he was 90 years old.) under Barack Obama's presidency. He had been married to his wife Helene for sixty-five years. His wife died in 2008. They had one soon Charles Allen.  











                                HOPE YOU ARE GOING TO RUN TO SEE THIS MOVIE !!!! 





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  •  Hunger Games is an American science fiction movie , it's the second of the trilogy realised by Francis Lawrence . The exit of the movie is planned on November 27th 2013.

    Katniss Everdeen is gone back home safe and sound having taken away the 74 edition of Hunger Games with her patner Peeta Meelark. They have to leave one more time their family and their friend to leave going are round the victory in all the disctrict . Because they gained. In the chase of this journey . Katniss smells that the revolt mutters, drink the Capitol always exercices the year absolved control over district whereas president Snow prepare the 75 edition of Hunger Games : The Game of the Expiation - has competition which could change Panem forever ..




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  • After Earth

    After Earth, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, with the famous and beautiful Smith father and son. It's the story of Humans who have must to leave Earth because animals have evoluate to kill Humans. So, Humans have evoluate in the space with the technology to be stronger, they have inspired by the technics of alimals to fly for exemple. On Earth the weather changed faster. During a mission wich turn bad, only two people survive to the crash and must survive on earth.

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  • I have a little question for you... Have you already imagined what the earth would look like in 1000 years ? Well, M. Night Shyalmalan did it in his new film : "After Earth" ! 

    The Earth has been evacuated by the humans for an unknown reason... The Humans developped a lot after 1000 years of living in their new colonised planet :"Nova Prime" and they never came back on their home planet. But one day, the general Cypher Raige space ship is hurt by an asteroid which crashes on the earth,that  in 1000 years, has became a really hostile planet. He is the only survivor with his son Kitai, and they will try to stay alive in this planet full of creatures who will have only one goal : Kill them !

    Now here's the trailer for you... Enjoy (it) !


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  • Hello my friends,

    Today, I come to present the new movie of the saga of fast and furious,

    Fast and Furious 6 which released on 22/05/2013.

    Start from the beginning, Fast and furious is a saga centered on car racing and which speak of the story of a young police officer Brian O'Connor who will be required to investigate on a former jailbird (taulard) Dominic Toretto alias Dom , a great driving racer who burglar trucks onthe road with his team. Gradually, Brian will create a strong bond with Dom and one day Brian will definitely leave the police and with Dom they will create a team of the best of the best in the field of race and burglary.

    Now getting back to episode 6 of the series Fast an Furious, the last movie still collecting the same team.

    And today ,  they  have to deal with another pro team whose knowledge of Dom dissapeared.

    Will you try this new experience ?

    Appointment on 22/05/2013 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Fast and Furious 6



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  • Hello everybody !

    Today I'm going to talk about the World War Z ! The future new blockbuster of the cinema !

    The World War Z is a film about a Zombie invasion, "the beginning of the end"  The Hero, Brad Pitt,  travels all over the world and tries to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic with the help of the Army ! 

    This film is inspired by the book of Max Brooks "The World War Z" and directed by Marc Forster who has already made "Quantum of Solace" ! Lots of famous actor will turn in it like Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos and David Morse for exemple..!

    Now here's  the trailer for you to ...enjoy (it) !


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