• The Bracelet - The one you'll never take off

    Hello everybody ! We introduce you , our new project which is The Bracelet of the future.


    We decided to create this bracelet for ease all the people as adults or teenagers but also for the elders people . We also thought about the handicaped people . 

    This bracelet has a lot a functions for you , such as researching people far away , You don't need to drive anymore , you don't need a computer , maps as direction and buying cell phone . Everything we've created is made to ease your life , a life without problems . 

    And for the blinds people , we thought to a macroship , which detect movement from cars or people and also put braille for them , to recognize the voice recognition.

    And for the handicaped people who sits on the wheel chair, the bracelet may be on a side of the wheel chair . 

    Thank's for seeing , we hope you'll buy our bracelet of the future . 

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