• The Berzek Process

    In our English class, we had a special final task: 

    "Thanks to something you have read in a book or something you have seen in a film, your team of scientists has made a technological breakthrough! You are very excited by your discovery, and you want to present it to the whole world!

    In a few weeks, there will be a contest for the best invention of the year, and you intend to win it. You have to make a complete presentation of your invention, tell how it works and how it will change people's lives"

    So my partner Théo and I decided to introduce our projet with the name The Berzek Process, a mix of our two names Bertrand and Blazek. It is a little bit inspired of Jurassik Park. Because of the cells of lizards and earthworms limps which were amputated can grow again, and make people's lives become as happy as it was before their amputation.

    The Berzek Process

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