• Let's talk about music!

    Let's talk about music!



    [No surprise] 


    It is a big surprise for all of us, Radiohead the british rock band are making a new album. Tom York does not miss inspiration. After the successes of each of their album we hope that their album will remain deserving of the name of Radiohead!  


    [The come back of Led Zeppelin?] 


    A mysterious announcement furthermore on a possible reformation of legendary group of hard rock 


    During the Australian broadcast 60 minutes spread on Sunday, February 17th, Robert Plant evoked possible reunions of Led Zeppelin. " You know, the two other guys (Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones) are very discreet: they don't say a word! They are obsessed in their own world and they let me make all these interviews. " When we asked the singer if Led Zeppelin would re-form, Plantation said that it would not be very busy in 2014. He added that, for the knowledge, it was necessary to ask to two other members 


    [Happy Birthday Eric Clapton!] 


    The bluesman will celebrate in 2013 its 50 years of career. In this occasion, he will bring out a special album in March. 


    Quite as Rolling Stones, the singer and the guitarist Eric Clapton will celebrate this year his 50 years of career. To mark the occasion, the artist will bring out a new entitled album Old Sock on March 12th of this year. The record will consist of remixed music of Eric Clapton and which marked him throughout the life. 


    [Go go Bono!]


    U2 is at present preparing his next album. The group does not still know when it will be finished. 


    Bono has just announced that U2 had already baptized its next album "10 Reasons To Exist." 


    [David Guetta go back home!]


    Yannis Philippakis (a member of Foals) violently attacked the music of the French DJ during an interview. He said " It is an abomination but we need bad music … Then certain persons like the shity music. I do not love David Guetta and I like this style. But what really disturbs me it is to listen to the artists of hip-hop on its musical intermissions. It is hideous because I like the hip-hop. " 




    By Candice Rovere.

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