• If I were Stronger (my protest song)

    There is still have a big distance I have to face in my life

    It was always the same song and that was all my disgrace

    I was so young, I was a child, and was powerless



    If life is a reality, mine was a real fatality

    from the distance I have to make silence

    Mom have you ever realize, my life could be a paradise

    If I were stronger, If I were stronger


    I was helpless, humiliated, and my life was in danger

    You only cry, when i left, Where was you when I bleed?

    I have sometimes, need to cry, but i'm stending on my feet




    Go run run run, all my friends never know, I never want go home (yeah)

    Go run run run, I want to forget him, but i can't when I know you're away from me




    For all the beaten child, never be afraid to say (wow)

    About all your problems

    because someone always be there for you.


    My protest song speak about violence against children. In the song, there is some codes:

    when I say "Distance" you must understand "violence"

    "and that was all my disgrace" I wanted to say " I was beaten everyday and my mom never want to see"

    be a paradise" -> " maybe have change if you leave him before your marriage"

    " you only cry [...] bleed" -> " I take my destiny in my hands, I left, you cry on your life but where was you when your husband struck me and I cry?"

    "I have sometimes need to cry" -> " Today I remember the past and I cry for you who are in hell"

    "I can't when I know you're away from me" -> "I want to forget my scars but I can't when I know you are with him and probably beaten and my little brother too and he became like his father. Why are you not like me who protect both of you from the devil?"

    "to say"="to speak"

    The song is based on the melody of Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

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