• Bacalhau a Zé do pipo


                   One of my favourite meal and way of prepare Salt cod (because there are a lot of way to do it.) This is also one of the meal of Portuguese wedding. It is very current and so good  !  


                        Bacalhau a Zé do pipo


    Ingredients you will need :


     4 pieces of Salt cod (beautiful one, bigger one.)

     7 potatoes






    Preparation : 


                  Don't forget to desalinize the fish during the day before eating it. !!!!!!

                          In a saucepan with oil, fry the onion with the Salt cod and

    in the same mining time, make a mashed potato and add butter and milk. Then, take 

    a container and put into in (in order) : The Salt cod, the onion fried and at the end the

    mashed potato. (In the real recipe they add mayonnaise just below the mashed potato 

    for the crunchy but we don't, because it's too greasy. 



                        Bacalhau a Zé do pipo







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