• "A perpetual war against terrorism is unwinnable"

    Today Obama declared that the United State of America will radically change their way to fight agains terrorrism. use of armed drones will be the only way from america to fight theme, the army will be send back in America. 

    "A perpetual war against terrorism is unwinnable"

     This is an exemple of the last version 

    of the american drone. He can be used to 

    make a tactical strike or a recon.






    Barrack Obama promise us it will stop the usefull death of american soldier but some question aren't answere for the moment :

    Will it be enough ? The drone can't do the job of a real army who has the intelligence and the training for fight on th fields.

    There will be no more "usefull death of american soldier" but what about the civilian who will live where the drone will strike ?

    I realy hope that Obama know what he's doing because for the moment I think this isen't the solution.

    I am not the president or a politician, I'm not a soldier or officer too but if the soldier don't fight the terrorism in there origine country why woulden't they attack at they turn ?


    Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it !

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