• ZEYNEP ORAL: Meeting with a persecuted writer and journalist

    ZEYNEP ORAL: Meeting with a persecuted writer and journalist

    Friday, November 15th, our class met the Turkish journalist and writer Zeynep Oral. She is famous in his country. She published twenty books and of course, many articles in many newspaper. She won the title of “Best Serial” in Journalism Awards in 1984, 1985 and 1986. She had the title of “Mother of peace” by UNESCO in 2000. We met her for the “Journey of the persecuted writer” and she came in our high school for to talk of his situation in Turkey. She was accompanied with a man who represented Amnesty International.  For begin, talk to Turkey. It’s a country with 80 million inhabitants. Since 1923, after the Turkish war of independence for to cancel the Treaty of Sèvres which had separated the country and the Ottoman Empire, Turkey become a democratic, republican and secular state. But, since 10 years, since the arrival of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the head of the government, the country becomes more and more a kind of dictatorship. In fact, there are 57 journalists in jail. They are accused of terrorism only because they are writing against their government. If we write against the government, we can be judged. Since 10 years, the country becomes less and less secular. In fact, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have an Islamic politic and he wants to impose his ideals to the population. (Attention! It’s not a judgment against this religion. It’s a just an observation. He would be a catholic, Jewish, etc … I shall say the same thing). The government is filmed to the mosque. It said that the women must have 3 children compulsorily. There are laws for that the women cannot work. We have a separation of the men and the women.
    Officially, Turkey is a democratic state but in reality, this country becomes more and more a dictatorship.
    Zeynep Oral fights for that Turkey recovered her liberty. With his books, she make like a kind of resistance against this government. The writing, the words are her best weapon against a government which wants to make dumb her population.  A noble and brave fight in front of an authoritarian government which is not denounced enough all over the world.


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