• William McKinley


    William McKinley

    William Mc Kinkey was born in 1843 in Ohio. He started the American Civil War as a private in the Union Army and in 1876 was elected to Congress and also became a Republican specialist of Protectionist customs duties which according to him would bring the prosperity. He married the jurist Ida Saxton and  was elected 25th president of the United States of America in 1827.

    He proposed a strong increase of the customs duties by the McKinley Tariff what was very criticized and the big discussion in the democratic gerrymandering will cost him his seat during the elections of 1890. 
    He was elected at the post of governor of Ohio in 1891 and in 1893 when he tried to balance the interests of the capital and those of the workers.
    By means of his close councillor Marcus Hanna, he gets the republican appointment for the presidential election of 1896 with as main stake: the economic crisis. And the period of presidency of McKinley was marked by a very fast economic growth.
    He also defends Dingley Act of 1897 intended to protect the American industries of the foreign competition.
    McKinley tried to persuade Spain to gran the independence of Cuba during the revolution but after the collapse of the negotiations, it led the United States in the Spanish-American war.

    The American victory was fast and decisive and in the treaty of Paris of 1898, Spain transferred the control of its colonies of Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines in the United States. McKinley was reelected on 1900 and murdered only one year later in 1901 by an anarchist. It is his vice-president Theodore Roosevelt who succeeded him.

    The historians consider the victory of McKinley in 1896 as a turning point of the American politics which marked the beginning of the progressive era dominated by the republican party.


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