• The walking dead

    Today I would like to talk about a Serie that I find particulary good, "The Walking Dead". I think you will all know what is a zombie, am i right ? Then please, now imagine Billion of them on Earth with only one objectif : Find you and kill you ! Rick Grimes the main character of the show who work as a cop didn't imagine that before he fell in the coma after have been shot...  

    When he finaly wake up one month later, the world that he know has totaly disapear... He is alone, and he don't know where is his family, he will do every thing to find them and then protect them from the zombies but it will not be easy... 


    This serie has been create by Franck Darabont in 2010, it's inspired of comics who's also named The Walking dead, the serie story is not exacly the same story as the comics but it's clearly inspired of it.

    Here is the trailer, enjoy it !


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