• The United States: a failed execution which turns in the torture in the Oklahoma

    The State of Oklahoma had to proceed, on Tuesday, April 29th, to a double execution for the first time since almost eighty years. Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner must be killed by injection in a prison situated in a town in the southeast of Oklahoma City

    But everything did not go according to plan. These two executions must be realized by means of a new protocol which had never been tested. The new procedure plans the injection of three products to the condemned person: a painkiller, an anesthetic and some potassium chloride with lethal dose


    A doctor came then to examine the place where the injection had been made and discovered that a vein had burst, preventing the painkiller from acting suitably, according to the explanations given by the director of the administration of the prisons of Oklahoma, Robert Patton.


    The New York Times specifies that, without the effect planned by the painkiller, the injection of two other products causes " an oppression and atrocious pains ". " It was extremely difficult to see that. That looked like the torture ", declared, at the exit of the execution room, the lawyers of Clayton Lockett. The condemned person finally died from a heart attack at 7:06 am, that is about three quarters of an hour after the beginning of the execution.

    Year 2013 was for the death penalty in the United States one year of decline, marked by executions and death sentences at levels among most low for decades

    The United States: a failed execution which turns in the torture in the Oklahoma


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