• The Mess

             The Mess 


    The Mess was here a long time ago,

    When the grass had not even grown

    And they all have ask for it to go, 

    But they still witnessed for it alone.


    Be chosen or choose, it was our fate,

    Sing and ask, was our escape

    All straight in dirt, and frozen, we wait

    The call of our leadership.


    We don't want mess; too much

    We don't want mess; too dust

    Children are shaking their hands. 


    Walking silently through this terror

    See all the pain and all the loss

    Surround with tears and ask; I wonder

    If He will really came at last. 


    The mess is now just only a game

    For the king to get gift, but alas ! 

    I was straight in the dirt and rain,

    Watching all the white points on the grass.


    We don't want mess; too much

    We don't want mess; too dust

    They told me : stop the mess it costs. 



       Codes and messages 


    Mess : war.

    They : soldiers.

    Ask : pray.

    The call : order to begins the war.

    leadership : the major. 

    Too much (chorus) : so much lost, so much people who die.

    Too dust (chorus) : people who die.

    "Shaking their hands" : for saying Goodbye to people going at war.

    Terror : the military funeral

    Pain : body dismembered

    Loss : soldiers who die and let their family behind. 

    "Tears" : from woman who lost their husband, brother, and friends. "Ask" : the women who pray for their close relative. 

    He : god.

    King : president.

    Gift : interest.

    "White points on the grass" : Arligton national cemetery.

    It costs (chorus) : It cost in the way : money, and it cost in the way of lifes. 


       The choice


       I choose to do my protest song on war, because so much soldiers have die, before it was religion war, before war was only a way defend the country and protect citizen, but now it became a reason to get interest from another country.  In this poem, I repeat a many time "We don't want mess", indeed, we don't want any war, we don't want any massacre,any disaster, we don't want to take people from their family.  



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