• The "gas Sarin" Intervention in Syria ?

    Hello everybody.
    Like every week I have some news for you. And today as usual I'm going to give you some that aren't good at all. 

    Chemical Weapon That's what Bachar al-Assad governent used on the rebels. The French and English Governement could comfirm it with some physiological clue. This civil war takes a form that nobody wanted to see. François Hollande, the French President, asked the UNO to send inspectors to make more researches on this unacceptable way of war.

    The "gas Sarin" Intervention in Syria ?like show it the map (sorry it's in french) the chemical weapon have been used 5 time or more against the rebbel.


    In my opinion, the UNO should act and not let the syrian governement treat  the population of his own country like that.

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