Lately, the extrem right parti, the FN, known many difficulties with his elected officials. In fact, racists remarks were heard and even, homophobic remarks. One of candidate have resigned to the party because, she was a victim of this remarks. She have algerian origins. They is a few weeks, a FN candidate has compared the minister, Christiane Taubira, to a monkey. All this errors can to allow you very doubtful on the intention of the FN to restore his image. How can he to have elected officials like this if he wants restore his image ? How can he restore his image if there is one scandal per weeks ? We can see the paradoxial situation in this party and the instabilty which reign. A party which wants to be democratic but he ave many elected officials who are racists, homophobic and xénophobic. Don’t forget that the FN have a politics which plays with the people fears. 

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