I chose to write a protest song against the violence of our parents , the violence of street youth. My song is called "STRONGMAN"


    I remember myself all these times

    When I had to deal with a strongman

    Freedom or happiness

    A dream almost unreal


    I speak for all the young people

    I speak for all the weak ones

    Who feel alone

    Together we are one


    Let us stop the sufferings

    From our fathers to our mothers

    Let us stop the sufferings

    These hoodlums are responsible for

    The sufferings of too many young people


    Mom when I com on your grave

    I am sad

    It's a protest song

    Against this abomination

    Make a rebellion


    Let's stop this violence

    I tasted this experience

    We will end the silence No longer be lenient

    Face our parents (x2)


    Codes :

    Strongman : Violent man

    Freedom : No escape

    Happiness : Misfortune

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