• Chicago Fire


    This is an american serie created by Michael Brandt and Derek Hass in 2012. The serie took place in Chicago,

    in the United States of America. The drame serie follows the lives of the firefighters who are working at the Chicago Fire Department.

    This is focusing on the technical aspect of the career as well as it's focusing on the personal life of the firefighters and paramedics.

    (For now on, there is two seasons and forfty-four episodes.)

    Chicago fire - Chicago pd

    Chicago PD

    This is an american serie created by Dick Wolf on NBC since January 2014. This is a spun-off from Chicago Fire.

    This show follows the cops of the Intelligence unit in District 21 who are fighting against organized crime, drugs dealers...

    (For now on there is one season but the NBC had officially declared that there will be a second season for autumn 2014)

    It is entirely shot in the city of Chicago.

    Chicago Fire - Chicago PD


    The series has had several crossover episodes with Chicago Fire. 



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  • Castle




    Castle is an american serie created by Andrew W. Marlowe broadcast on ABC since March 9th 2009. The serie already has 6 seasons and is shot in Los Angeles, California.

    It tells the story of Richard Castle, a famous writter of thrillers, who is tired of writing about his character, Derrick Storm. To general surprise, he decide to kill him in his last book. During an evening organized by his publisher for the release of his new novel,  he is contacted by Police Lieutenant Kate Beckett. She investigates several murders that mimic those imagined by Castle in his books.


    Main Characters :



    Richard Castle (Rick), interpreted by Nathan Fillion. He's a famous writter a little bit egocentric. The day he decides to kill the main character of his novel and take a break, a murder similar to one of his stories happens and he's examined as a witness. Following to this experience and impressed by the performance of Lieutenant Beckett, he decided to continue to accompany her on her investigations because he wants to inspire her to be the heroine of his next novels, Nikki Heat. He becomes consultant and he wants to have his scratch “WRITTER” on his bulletproof vest, when he working with Beckett and her team.


    CastleLieutenant Kate Beckett (Kate), interpreted by Stana Katic. Kate is a lieutenant for several years. She started working at the NYPD to solve the murder of his mother (still unresolved). She's right and just. During her meeting with Castle, she thinks first that he's suspect but prefers to ask him to help them to prove his innoncence. She shows him no sign of interest but in reality, she read all his novels because she is one of his biggest fans.

    CastleInspector Javier Esposito, interpreted by Jon Huertas. Esposito is a good policeman. He's under orders of Lieutenant Beckett that he assists in all her investigations. With his partner, Ryan, he lets himself be gained by the good humor of Castle, which is not to please to Beckett.


    Inspector Kevin Ryan, interpreted by Seamus Dever. Ryan is the teammate of Esposito. He's under orders of  Lieutenant Beckett and he is a good policeman. It is of Irish origin.



     CastleDoctor Lanie Parish, interpreted by Tamala Jones. Lanie is a medical examiner. This is Beckett's best friend and one of the only people to whom Beckett makes confidences.




    CastleCaptain Roy Montgomery, interpreted by Ruben Santiago-Hudson. Captain Montgomery is the leader of the 12th district. It’s him who accepts the mayor's request that Castle remains on survey’s Beckett. He made his debut as a lieutenant of the 62nd. He sacrifices himself to protect Kate Beckett in the last episode of the third season.




    CastleCaptain Victoria Gates, interpreted by Penny Johnson Jerald. She is replacing Captain Montgomery after his death. She is nicknamed "Iron Gates". She is an ancient detective, who spent several years in internal affairs. She is very strict and rigorous with the law. Unlike Captain Montgomery who often took the defense of Castle, she sees his presence with a jaundiced eye.





    CastleAlexis Castle, interpreted by Molly Quinn. Alexis is the daughter of Castle aged 15. This is a studious student, mature for her age. She often gives advice to her father during his inquiries with Beckett.


    Martha Rodgers, interpreted by Susan Sullivan. Martha is the mother of Castle. She is an ancient theater actress. After being stripped of all his possessions by her ex-husband, she moved in with her son.



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  • Man Vs Wild, ultimate survival


    This is an reality tv show produced in United State of America and in United Kingdom (as Born survivor : Bear Grills.) This show is meant to learn to people how to survive in hostile country, environment. This show relates the adventure of Bear Grylls, also known as Edward Michael Grylls who has to find civilization in a lapse of time of one week. He has got only a knife, a bottle of water and a fire stone.


    Edward Micheal Grylls is an mountaineer, aventurer, and a british writer. He served as soldier of British Special Air service. He had a critical accident during a mission and fracture his back at three places.


    Man Vs Wild, ultimate survival


    This is such interresting reality tv show because you learn so much things about the nature and what you can do to survive. This is such impressive all he does because he's putting his life in danger only to show his method and what he knows.



    For you only, this is an episode from Man VS Wild (season 5 episode 3 Full) 

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                     " The Army has its code ; the wives have their own "

    If you love military atmosphere or even if you want to join army, this is for you ! 


                              American wives (Army wives)


                Army wives is an american drama serie created by Katherine Fugate in 2007 but it was stopped in 2013 because of a huge decline of audience. There is seven seasons for  117 episodes.  This serie is about the life of four army wives and one army husband (and their families) in a military base called FORT MARSHALL  in South Carolina. There is a lot of tragedy but also romance just at the beginning of the pilot.  We can see that the situation of the four wives and the husband which is being married of army soldier brought them together. They get closer and became friends; they also shared a lot of things.


    Tania Biank and her novel


                     It was based on the novel of Tanya Biank : Under the sabers : the unwritten code of army wives. She writes this book because she was raised in a military spirit: she comes from a family of veterans but above all she is an army wife and she has volunteered her time to the military community. She lives in Virginia with her husband and their tho childen.


    My favourite character


                    My favourite character is Claudia Holden; she has such a great heart, she is a great value for support army families. She is elegant. She went through something really hard and even though this horrible thing, she faced it.  

    American wives (Army wives)


    And for you, pictures of the couples

    American wives (Army wives)  Sherwood couple American wives (Army wives)  Holden couple

    American wives (Army wives)   Moran couple American wives (Army wives)  Leblanc couple


    American wives (Army wives)






      Burton couple   



      Which one do you prefer ? For me, I can't take my decision between Leblanc and Holden.








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  • The Walking Dead season 4 will invade your everyday life from October 13th. In the meantime, AMC reveals an alarming atmosphere with teasers two. In the season 4 of The Walking Dead, the program looks intense and especially tightened. The fans of this series will rediscover in new epiodes the fundamental of the sage, worth knowing the anxiety, the fear and especially the zombies.


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  • Good morning, we hope that you had a really great summer but now, serious things come back: SCHOOL

    But after all your classes, you can watch Arrested Development! I've just discovered it during my holidays

    It's about a rich family who lost everything, and the second son, Mickael Bluth (Jason Bateman) tries to save the family company and resolves all their problems. It's an, hilarious TV show, just after the first season you'll have so much quotes in your vocabulary and you'll have to share it to everyone. I hope you'll have a really great time, it's only 20 minutes each episodes. 

    I couldn't find a great trailer so here is a video of the greateast quotes

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  • Awkward

    Awkward is a serie created in 2011 which talk about a teenager name Jenna who, in the first episode had an accident and was seen as "the girl who wanted to kill herself". She opened a blog where she wrote anonymously her life. Many things hapenned to her, like dating the football captain, receive an insulting and anonymous letter whick will help her to affirme herself. In this serie, we are in the heart of the highschool "society" and we can see the hierarchic situation of the teenagers who are trying to have find themself. 

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  • Today I would like to talk about a Serie that I find particulary good, "The Walking Dead". I think you will all know what is a zombie, am i right ? Then please, now imagine Billion of them on Earth with only one objectif : Find you and kill you ! Rick Grimes the main character of the show who work as a cop didn't imagine that before he fell in the coma after have been shot...  

    When he finaly wake up one month later, the world that he know has totaly disapear... He is alone, and he don't know where is his family, he will do every thing to find them and then protect them from the zombies but it will not be easy... 


    This serie has been create by Franck Darabont in 2010, it's inspired of comics who's also named The Walking dead, the serie story is not exacly the same story as the comics but it's clearly inspired of it.

    Here is the trailer, enjoy it !


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  • Today, we are going to talk about kitchens show created and produced by the famous Britain chef : Gordon Ramsay. 

    The first show called Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares is no really recent. 

    TV show - Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen


    The Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares took place in Britain but also in the United States. It was diffused on April 2004 in Britain, and on September 2007, for the show in the United States. The famous chef Gordon Ramsay comes to help in needs people with their restaurant. He makes them realise what are their mistakes to correct it. Frist, Gordon tastes their meals and after having eating something who's usually not good, he watches them serving diner, which is a complete disaster. Then, he finally changes the entire restaurant and the menu and let them be better. He comes back a few week later and sees if it changes or not. 

    The second show is called Hotel Hell. 


    TV show - Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell

    Hotel Hell, is more recent than the firts show, it was diffused on August 2012 until now on. It took place in the United Sates of America. For now on, there are six episodes from six different hotels. It is the same  concept that Ramsay's kitchen Nightmares but it's not in an restaurant but in an hotel.


    TV show - Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell  Gordon Ramsay was born on November 8th in 1966, in Johstone (located in Scotland.). He is a cook chef and a scottish restaurateur. He had three stars. He's married and has hour children. He has 25 restaurants (all over the world) which are completely taking care financially by his step-father : Chris Hutcheson. He has two restaurants in France : Gordon Ramsay, in Versailles at the Trianon Palalce, and La veranda, who's also in Versailles. 

    TV show - Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell



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  •  Hello, today is a new day, a day to talk about another series : How I met your Mother, truly famous.


    How I met your mother 


      This is an American series (or sitcom*) created by Craig Thoms and Carter Bays, and directed by Pamela Fryman. It has been diffused on november 2005. The series have eight season and 174 episodes.

    It begins in 2030, Ted Mosby, an architect, tells to his two children how he met their mother. He reminds his young year and the pilot let place to Ted's memory in 2005, where he learnt that his best friends, name Marshall Ericksen, is going to propose Lily Aldrin to marry him. Then, Ted met Robin Scherbatsky in a bar he usually goes: The MacLaren Pub, where Barney Stinson, one of his friends is helping him to find a woman. The series tells; through Ted memory the life of the group of the five friends. 

    * To note that the series is inspired from the personal life of the two creator : one married to his girlfriend from university (Like Marshall and Lily) and the other one, who inspired Ted. 

    * A sitcom is a humoristic comedy/series, based on the same common environment allowing limited means of shooting and reduces the production cost with episodes which last less than an half an hour. The word "sitcom" came from the contract of the English : situation comedy.

     My favorite character is Barney, who is yours ? 

    Series - How I met your mother


    I put for you only, two videos, the first one is a promo of the season 8, and the other one, is a promo of the 21st episode. 

     hope you will enjoy ! 

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  • Hello everybody,

    Today I'm going to talk about the series Vampire Diaries,

    To begin with, Vampire Diaries is about  a girl Elena, who meets Stephen, a vampire, Stephen quickly became interested in Elena.In this series, there is also Damon, the evil brother of stephen. Vampire Diaries is a very interesting series, because there is suspense all the time, so I advise you to watch this series, Have an overview on www.mksniper.fr/article-36451126.htlm.

    Today the series contains 4 seasons, there are 22 episodes per season, we know that the channel plans to broadcast a new season of vampire diaries, a fifth season.

    Meeting on MKSNIPER !!!

    Series : Vampire Diaries


     Corosine Quentin

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