• Series - How I met your mother

     Hello, today is a new day, a day to talk about another series : How I met your Mother, truly famous.


    How I met your mother 


      This is an American series (or sitcom*) created by Craig Thoms and Carter Bays, and directed by Pamela Fryman. It has been diffused on november 2005. The series have eight season and 174 episodes.

    It begins in 2030, Ted Mosby, an architect, tells to his two children how he met their mother. He reminds his young year and the pilot let place to Ted's memory in 2005, where he learnt that his best friends, name Marshall Ericksen, is going to propose Lily Aldrin to marry him. Then, Ted met Robin Scherbatsky in a bar he usually goes: The MacLaren Pub, where Barney Stinson, one of his friends is helping him to find a woman. The series tells; through Ted memory the life of the group of the five friends. 

    * To note that the series is inspired from the personal life of the two creator : one married to his girlfriend from university (Like Marshall and Lily) and the other one, who inspired Ted. 

    * A sitcom is a humoristic comedy/series, based on the same common environment allowing limited means of shooting and reduces the production cost with episodes which last less than an half an hour. The word "sitcom" came from the contract of the English : situation comedy.

     My favorite character is Barney, who is yours ? 

    Series - How I met your mother


    I put for you only, two videos, the first one is a promo of the season 8, and the other one, is a promo of the 21st episode. 

     hope you will enjoy ! 

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