• Schumacher, between life and death

         On December 29th at about 11 AM, Michael Schumacher who went skiing with his fourteen years old son, fell on a stone in a off-piste area of Meribel. His situation is now critical. He is still in an artificial coma. The police station opened a case to know the reason of Schumacher to do off-piste. He had an medical intervention and should have been bought back to life. The doctors of the Grenoble's University Hospital hold a press conference on the purpose to indicate that the vital pronostic of the german ex-pilot of forty-four years old is engaged. One of the doctor even say that " He's helmet saved his life, without it, he coudn't be transported at time at the hospital." Somes questions remained about the subject : what will be the consequence for the ex-pilot further to a cranial trauma ?

         On December 31st, Michael Schumacher had a second medical intervention and it seems that his situation is a little bit better but he remains fragile. After the investigation, we learnt that Michael Schumacher went on a off-piste only for helping someone who fell. He is at his third week of artificial coma. We dont have any information. 


    Schumacher, between life and death

    We can wonder to ourselves : How is it strange that a man who was a many time Formula one world champion and who risked his life to do what it became his passion, can be right now in a critical situation because of having skiing in a off-piste ? 

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