• Runnng on The Hub of The Universe

    Running on The Hub of the Universe



    Shoes like Addidas shoes ; It’s finished

    This is not a spell of witches…

    Oh God, why didn’t  you intervene,

    In  the streets of Massachussetts ?

    Run, Run, Run, Run, Run

    Or  your innocent mind will burn !



    Black or White, no matter ;

    Danger is within a pressure cooker !

    Impossible for them  to know that they had one foot in the grave

    Cooking or playing , don’t run to be saved !

    And run, Run, Run, Run, Run

    Or  your innocent mind will burn !

    He said « Yes we can »

    And Boston said « no more life, no more weekend ».


    BERTRAND Théo, 2013 .





    HI, I’m Théo Bertrand and today I present my protest song against the terrorism, and more specifically the attentat of Boston in April. I hate this type of communication to impose their opinions, this is why a made a protest song. Many people came to run with great intention, and finally, certains people will not them feet to run. Today; they have no feet to run, they have 2 hands to drive.





    Codes messages

    -Shoes like Addidas shoes : Certains personns did have legs cut in The Marathon of Boston.

    -Witches and God : They don’t make this attentat, it’s an humain action.

    -Pressure cooker : The bomb of Marathon Boston was in a pressure cooker.

    - They had one foot in the grave : English’s Expression who had a sad connotation.

    -The Hub of the Universe: Surname of Boston City


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