• QUIZ! The winner win nothing !

    I'm a country which wins more and more power in the world. My purpose is to compete the United States and to become the new superpower. I adhere more and more to the capitalism by wanting to make more and more profits. I shall have to fight the corruption, serve my people and fight tax havens. But, capitals were found on the island of Tortora, the capital of British Virgin Islands, considered as a tax haven. Who I am ? China or the pot calling the kettle black.
    China is THE FAIL OF THE WEEK ... (fake communist)

                                                                                       Alexis Meillan

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                              -What is the longest word in the      English language? 

    • Good luck to find ! I wait your answer !

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  • Alfred Sauvy has say "The Humanity is didacted to the progress for life". And he was raison, because China has built a new nuclear missile.

    A lot of pictures showing an intercontinental ballistic missile with nuclear capacity of rather long impact to affect the United States were published this week by the Chinese Army. According to the specialist, this missile can travel 8 000 km, It's very dangerous for China to have a nuclear missille like that. This missile was tested in The Chinese Sea, between China and Japon.

    Nuclear Test for China

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  • Several thousand activists anti-termination of pregnancy demonstrated on Wednesday in a polar cold in Washington for the annual " Marche(walking) for the life ", on the occasion of 41 years of the legalization of the abortion in the United States.

    As every year, on the occasion of this demonstration considered as the most important for the world against the abortion. The gathering of this year, in which participated numerous young people, priests and nuns, had been placed under the theme of the adoption. 

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  • The House of the Rising Sun is an american folk song whose origin is unknown. Some people think that the song was written by a couple from Kentucky (Georgia Turner and Bert Martin).

    This song is one of the most covered since the XXth century. The meaning of the lyrics is submit to a controversy because the expression "Rising Sun" was commonly used like a euphemism to talk about brothel. But according to some people, "the Rising Sun" was a prison for women in New Orleans. That would probably explain the expression "ball and chain" at the end of the song.

    When you search "the house of the rising sun lyrics" in google, the first answer will be the version of the band The Animal, released in 1964. Those lyrics are quite correct copairing to the originals except for one detail :

    "There is a house in New Orleans
    They call the Rising Sun
    And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
    And God, I know I'm one "

    In fact in the original version, the song is the testimony of a young woman. But many bands like Muse (2010) or The Walls of Jericho (2008) changed the lyrics in a lot of different ways.

    My three favorite covers are the version of Nina Simone(1962):

    the version of Lauren O'Connel (2013):

    and the version of the White Buffalo (2011):

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  • Having occupied the second place, behind the Argentine Lionel Messi, during the last two publishing, the Portuguese of the Real Madrid, 28 years, takes away for the second time of its career, after that of the 2008, the supreme individual title for the soccer players.

    With his selection of Portugal, he eliminated almost to him alone, on November 19th, 2013, by registering a triplet in Stockholm, Sweden of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, during the play-off game return of the World cup .With this second Golden ball, Cristiano Ronaldo exceeds his fellow countrymen Luis Figo (crowned in 2000) and Eusebio ( 1965 ), died on January 5th .

     Better soccer player in 2013, Cristiano Ronaldo proves with this award that he is a worker and an outstanding soccer player


    Cristiano Ronaldo - Golden ball


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  • An artist has choose to take picture from food and to put some little men next to it.
    It create a scene. It is very funny. When we look closer at this scene we can see that every character has so much details.
    You musn't waste food, but in case of art and imagination like that you can, I'll hope that your Mother will be proud of you. :-)
    If someone take a picture like that i will give him a small gift.

    Let's go !

    For more image search : Pierre Javelle

    DO IT

    DO IT

    DO IT

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  • THIS IS IT ! Here the trailer of INTERNETed NEWSe ! The first news will begin in January 2014 !

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  •      On December 29th at about 11 AM, Michael Schumacher who went skiing with his fourteen years old son, fell on a stone in a off-piste area of Meribel. His situation is now critical. He is still in an artificial coma. The police station opened a case to know the reason of Schumacher to do off-piste. He had an medical intervention and should have been bought back to life. The doctors of the Grenoble's University Hospital hold a press conference on the purpose to indicate that the vital pronostic of the german ex-pilot of forty-four years old is engaged. One of the doctor even say that " He's helmet saved his life, without it, he coudn't be transported at time at the hospital." Somes questions remained about the subject : what will be the consequence for the ex-pilot further to a cranial trauma ?

         On December 31st, Michael Schumacher had a second medical intervention and it seems that his situation is a little bit better but he remains fragile. After the investigation, we learnt that Michael Schumacher went on a off-piste only for helping someone who fell. He is at his third week of artificial coma. We dont have any information. 


    Schumacher, between life and death

    We can wonder to ourselves : How is it strange that a man who was a many time Formula one world champion and who risked his life to do what it became his passion, can be right now in a critical situation because of having skiing in a off-piste ? 

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  • In the midst of economic crisis, the French fear for their jobs. More than a third of French people consider the insufficiently protective Labour Code for employees (37%). 

         Situation is also worrying for students who themselves admit also be exhausted (39%) suffering from loneliness and isolation (26%) and sleep problems (22%). When asked if going well, 37% said that their health is not satisfactory.

    Overwork, fatigue or stress? Take a break from your daily routine and relax with relaxation

    What is relaxation?
    Relaxation is a practice based on calm breathing and muscle relaxation, designed to reduce physical stress, mental stress and it is often associated , Generally, we try to escape his min
    he action of the music touch the limbic system where the keyboard of our emotions. Rhythm and intensity of sounds and stimulate our emotional reactions and bring us wellness promoting peace, balance and progression to improve our physical and psychological state, where necessary and possible .

    So try with  chosen as the most relaxing music of the year ;)

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  • The last week, U.S knew a cold spell, the coldest for 20 years. The cold winds and the snow made fallen the temparature in less of 50 degres Celsus. United States declared the red alert and ask everything for the inhabitants to stay at home and to go out only for urgent reasons. Airports, as in Toronto, and feroviaires stations are blocked until that the situation stabilizes.

    An historic cold in U.S

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  • The General Secretary of the International Football Federation decided on Wednesday january 8th that the Soccer World in Qatar in 2022 will not take place in June-July but probably between November and January at the latest. They think the period where the weather is better with only degrees . So it's perfect to play soccer . Otherwise the conditions are bad and the crushing heat for the players .

    But the travel of the World cup in winter should raise problems in the organization of the national championships and the European competitions, to begin with the Champions' League.

    The definitive choice will not be announced before December, 2014


    Soccer Wolrd In Qatar - disagreement to FIFA on the date of the competition

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  •  The Phénomènon Minions Hello every body Today I'll talk to you about The minions big phenomenon. The Minions are littles caracters like littles yallows sausages with overall, glaces and a little develated intelligence. They love banana and ice cream and their language is conposed of "da boudou didaaa" but are very expressive with their faces and their gestural. This caracters from the "Moi moche et méchant" french films when there are the servants of Gru a tall nasty russian but the phenomenon is now more famous that the films.

    Ironically most of fan don't seen the Film and have just overcraf this so cut creaturs on the web...


    The Phénomènon Minions

    The Phénomènon Minions


    The Phénomènon Minions

     Here is a good exemple

    of the creativity of fans

    a kid's room minions


     On the web we can found cakes

    The Phenomenon Minions








    mobile phone                                                      Game for phone (minion rush)

    The Phenomenon Minions

                            The Phenomenon Minions  






    The Phenomenon Minions






    and much parodies of Minions

    The Phenomenon Minions



     Here Lady Gaga ; Edward sessor's hands ; The Joker and Wolverine !




    Son a film juste of Minions still a exemple of the scale of the Phenomenon (Probably in july 2014)

    The Phénomènon Minions


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  • Your security is precious for us.


    Why does Safe Dreams is important for you ?

    By our days , the security of your dreams is in danger.

    Most of the richs and popular people can be the victims of a dream theft.


    How do it works :

    If your need our help. Call us or send us an email which describe your problems. Then , you will be call by the laboratory to come in one of our secure room. All your dreams will be analyzed  and stored in the laboratory  with our powerfull servers. All the servers are managed by our compagny and no dreams can be stolen by a peer or another compagny. Everything is secured.

    To enter in your dreams we have to make you sleep with a powerfull sleeping pill. And then we enter in your dreams and Special Force is deployed in your dreams in order to defend what you want to keep inside you.


    You may need our compagny if :

    -You are occuping a high place in any commercial and economie firm because of the concurrence.

    -You feel insecured

    -You are persecuted in your personnal life

    -You want to erase a reccurent dream or nightmare

    -If you want to memorize something during your sleep time

    -More than everything , SAFE DREAMS'S principal service is protecting you from exterior threat.

    We are the solution of your sleep time problems and our prices are incredibely low.


    Under the terms of contract , it's stipulated that the entreprise don't support the consequences of malfunctions of Safe Dreams , these are the consequences :

    -Brain malfunction if the dreams are stolen

    -Temporary or total amnesia

    -Creation of dual personnality ( Schizophrenia )

    -Loss of dreams


    Now , present the several advantages , Safe Dreams is a compagny which was created in the goal to protect the population , the principle is to safety the brain of people , why trust us ? Because Safe Dreams ensure a protection and a safeguard complete of your brain , and a safeguard of your dreams and of your memories in our databsae with no danger to you.


    Thank for your choosing

    Safe Dreams

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  •  After our victory on the contest of the best invention of our class, we won with the SHRINK RAY. In fact with this invention your life will  be easier and better.                                                                                                                           Its aim is to reduce or grow the size of objects, foods all you want , when you want and as you want.You can forget the problems of the cardboard box, the impressive number of movers who may lose or damaged your business without forgetting the bill at the end.                                                             And about food it's the end of waste. you can choose the size based on your appetite and of your gluttony.Don't waste more , eat your fill !!!!!                               

                               From the largest to the smallest

    Winners of the best invention of the TL 2013 ♥   Fanny & Julian


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