• Welcome to Paris

    Paris, the French capital, is polluted from a dangerous excess of CO2 on the atmosphere. Bertrand Delanoé, the mayor of Paris, take a desision for all inhabitants from Paris. This pic of pollution, the most important since 20 years, feels scary to the inhabitants. He decides to autorize just the impair cars, motos and camions to drive up in the road this friday to soften the atmosphere of this beautiful city. Last sunday, Delanoé decides to make the bikes free.


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    BasketBall News

     Hello everybody , today i decide to present the latest modern news from the world of basketball.

    In first , Joakim Noah still huge :

    Ten out of ten for the Spurs. By winning in the room Lakers (125-109) , with 25 points from Tony Parker , San Antonion won its tenth consecutive game. Los Angeles lost him for the 45th time this season and remains at the bottom of Western Conference.

    The Bulls do not have these problem. With Joakim Noah still in great shape and author of a double-double (14 points,10 rebounds)  , Chigaco beat Philadelphia (102-94)  and remains stuck to the Raptors who beat New Orleans (107-100). Finally, the Nets are master in their lair. Beating Charlotte (104-99)  , Brooklyn won the tenth meeting of rank at home with a great Deron Williams (25 points, 8 assists).

    Without James , Miami still sold :

    The day was difficult for the leaders in the East. As Indiana, Miami sold. Heat , Lebron James private back injury , sold in the romm of Boston (101-96) , confirming the difficulties of the moment with a sixth defeat in the last  ten matches. However , the beginning of the meeting was to the advantages of Floridians who led the twelvfe points at the end of the first quarter.

    Celtics Rajon Rondo (9 points , 10 rebounds , 15 assists) , author of last basket of the game ,gradually returned to end  their run of five straight defeats.



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  • Your hair color is too dull for you?winktongue

    !!!!!HAIR CHALK!!!!!

    Don't worry the time of boring and permanant coloring doesn't exist anymore.

    So add a touch of madness in your life and more in your hair, L'Oréal Institute created for your madness HAIR CHALK the greatest polish for hair . Show your creativity!!

    Easy to apply, easy to remove. Change your look with ease, without fading! 

    Intense colors, more sophisticated the more flashy. Easy cleansing in some shampoos.smile

    !!!!!HAIR CHALK!!!!!

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  • Mike Jagger : The suicide of his wife , a tragedy

    Rolling Stones under the shock of the suicide of the wife of Mike Jagger, left on Thursday Australia, promising to come back from the cancellation of their tour in the Pacific. 

    She committed suicide by hanging on Monday morning in her apartment of New York, confirmed on Wednesday the forensic scientist.

    " It is a really terrible piece of news, and for the moment, the essential thing for us is to unite around Mike to offer him our support and help it to cross this sad period " said the guitarist Ronnie Wood.

    Mick Jagger did not reappear since the announcement of the death of his partner. On Tuesday, he had announced his incomprehension in front of this suicide, via his internet page

    The ex-model didn't let a message to explain her gest. She apparently hung herself with a scarf in a door handle . Wrent Scott, very glamour , was a stylist considered in the United States, the creations of which we carried by Madonna, Angelina Jolie, or Michelle Obama

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  • Drill the mystery of the Boeing 777

    the Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines, disappeared since Saturday with 239 passengers on board off Vietnam. According to American investigators quoted on Thursday by the Wall Street Newspaper the Boeing 777 could have flown during four hours after its last contact. The plane could so according to the investigators have been diverted opening the way to new hopes for the families of the passengers .

    Twelve nations, among which the United States, China and Japan, participate in the operations which mobilize not less than 42 ships and 39 planes.

    The American persons in charge of the contreterrorisme explore the track according to which a pilot or somebody on board was able to divert it towards a secret destination having intentionellement cut transponders.


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  • The Grand Budapest Hotel


    The Grand Budapest Hotel is a film released on February the 26. It's an american comedy produce by Wes Anderson, with Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori, F. Murray Abraham ...

    The film recounts the adventures of Gustave H., the man with the golden key of a famous European hotel of the interwar period, and bellboy Zero Moustafa, his most faithful ally. The search of a stolen painting, work invaluable dating for the Renaissance, and a conflict around an important family legacy form the weft of this story in the heart of the old Europe in full changing.

    The film won the Grand Jury Prize at the international festival : Berlinade 2014.


    The Grand Budapest Hotel



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  • THE INTERNETed NEWSe (Special issue) - Valentine's Day

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    The Legends of Hercules

    The Legend of Hercules

    Hello everybody, today I'm going to present the famous last movie of the year : The Legend of Hercules.

    Hercules is the son of the queen Alcmene that Zeus gave him secretly King Amphitryon to reverse it once the child becomes an adult.

    Love Hebe , Hercules is betrayed by the King her to his other son , Iphicles.

    The demigods is exiled and sold into slavery.

    Become gladiator and stunning all enemies , Hercules , with the help of Sotiris , his comrade in arms , will attempt to free the kingdom from the tyrrany of Amphitryon , Hebe snatch from the jaws of his brother , and finally take its righful place , one of the greatets heroes that Greece has ever known.

     The Legend of Hercules

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  • Coldplay: New album "Ghost Stories" released the 19th May 2014

    his week, the group has published the first single "Magic" which announce a calm ambient and maybe a strange atmosphere in the album. This is a back to basics for them.
    This is the first single "Magic":

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  • Oscar 2014 : The selfie the most shared by the world

    A selfie gathering stars of Hollywood during the ceremony of Oscars on Sunday took a global dimension, shared more than a million times on the social network Twitter.

    On this selfie , we can recognize Brad Pitt , Angelina Joly , Meryl Streep , Jennifer Lawrence , Bradley Cooper or Kevin Spacey realized on Sunday evening in Hollywood . This picture took immediatly a global flight . The tweet the most shared by the history of Twitter, with two million retweets in a few hours . Surpassing that of the re-election of the president of Barak Obama .

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  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Franklin D. Roosevelt, en 1933.


    Franklin D. Roosevelt was famous as the thirty-second President of the United States of America and the only President to serve more then two terms. He led the nation out of the Great Depression and towards victory in World War II. He was born on January 30, 1882 in New York. And died on April 12, 1945 in Georgia. His life was full of actions, in 1933 he became for the first time president of the USA and stayed president until is death : 1945. He'll stay in the memory of all the american as the winner of  the second world war. He did lots of things for his country to make it go out of the crises, before is election, 12 millions americans were unemployed and 2 million didn't even had a house. America was also a isolationist country who didn't want to take part in the second world war but he still prepared america to war a give lots of materiel to england to help them defend themself against the German. To recapitulate his life I would say that he's one of the greatest president that USA ever had, he make them winn the war and make usa go out of the crises.


    I hope that you enjoyed this article, see you soon !

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  • John Quincy Adams

    John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) ,was elected for a term from 1825 to 1829.

    John Quincy Adams , sixth president of the United States was born in Braintree in Massachussetts in 1767.

    He studied at Havard University and then became a lawyer at the age of 26 years.

    He was appointed ambassador to the Netherlands in 1794 , with Portugal in 1796 and Prussia in 1797.

    Elected to the Massachussetts Senate in 1802 , it will

    also be in the Senate of the United States where he served from 1803 to 1808 to the Federalist Party. He left the training to integrate the Democratic Republican party. He is a member of  the comission that negociated the Treaty of Ghent in 1814 , and Minister of foreign Affairs in the cabinet of President James Monroe between 1817 and 1825.

    November 2, 1824 presidential election was the first where popular votes were aggregated to the national level. John Quincy Adams came in second behind General Jackson. It alsogets the best score for the vote of the Electoral College , but because of the presence of three other candidates , he does not get a majority. This is the House of Representatives , to general surprise, finally vote on December 1 in favor of Adams.

    John Quincy Adams continued his political career after 1828 : first the anti-Masonic Party and the Whig Party , which he helped found to 1833-1834. Electe to the House of Representatives in 1831 , he remained there until his death , February 23, 1848. He also ran for the governorship of Massachussetts in 1834 but can not get it. In 1841, he defended the case of African Spanish ship La Amistad which took control when they were transported as slaves illegal before the Supreme Court.

    Threatened with deportation to Spain , they will enventually be released.

    In 1848 , he collapsed on the floor of the House a stroke and was carried to the Room of the Presidency , where two days later he died. He was buried : just like his father , his mother and his wife.


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  • Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States of America

    Born on October 1, 1924, in Plains, Georgia, Jimmy Carter was the 39th president of the United States (1977-81).
    In 1962, he was elected Governor of Georgia. He attracted attention by emphasizing ecology, efficiency in government, and the removal of racial barriers.
    Carter announced his candidacy for President in December 1974 and began a two-year campaign that gradually gained momentum. Carter campaigned hard against President Gerald R. Ford, debating with him three times. In 1977, he become the 39th president of the United States with 297 electoral votes for him, to 241 for Ford.
    In 1978, he helped bring amity between Egypt and Israel. He succeeded in obtaining ratification of the Panama Canal treaties.
    In November 1979, radical Iranian students seized the United States Embassy in Tehran, taking 66 Americans hostage. The negociations were very difficult. The hostages were held for 444 days before finally being released on the day Carter left office.
    The next president is the former actor, Ronald Reagan.
    Jimmy Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

                                                                                                                        Alexis Meillan

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    John Tyler, the 10th President of the United States


    John Tyler was born in 1790, the 29th March in Virginia. He's the son of a couple of farmers who directed Greenway plantation. We have to know that Tyler was a fragile child because he was thin and victim of many deseases, and this is why he dead in 1862. He was a very good student and did very good studies in the College of William and Mary. Few at few, he becames an important man for the United States: He was a legislator, governor, representant, senator in 1841, and to finih, he becomes the 10th president of United States the 4th Avril 1841 until March 1845.

    Because of diseases during his life, Tyler John dead the January 18th 1862.

    BONUS: Particularity of this President ? He has his 2 grown sons again in live today, they have 81 and 90 years old. It's the first and old president who has his grown sons again in live !

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