• Since January, a thick fog mask Shangai, the Chinese capital and her area. The visibility in the city does not exeed 50 meters in some places. The Naza have published some terrifying pictures of the pollution cloud.

    The pollution index reached 352 at the end of january, knowing that the air is considered "unheatly" above 150. 

    the pollution in China

    the pollution in China

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  • Hello everybody ! Here is the music news of the week ! 

    Come and discover the new clip of the rock band Muse " Supremacy " . 

    You like rock and English ? This is for you !


  • Let's talk about music!



    [No surprise] 


    It is a big surprise for all of us, Radiohead the british rock band are making a new album. Tom York does not miss inspiration. After the successes of each of their album we hope that their album will remain deserving of the name of Radiohead!  


    [The come back of Led Zeppelin?] 


    A mysterious announcement furthermore on a possible reformation of legendary group of hard rock 


    During the Australian broadcast 60 minutes spread on Sunday, February 17th, Robert Plant evoked possible reunions of Led Zeppelin. " You know, the two other guys (Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones) are very discreet: they don't say a word! They are obsessed in their own world and they let me make all these interviews. " When we asked the singer if Led Zeppelin would re-form, Plantation said that it would not be very busy in 2014. He added that, for the knowledge, it was necessary to ask to two other members 


    [Happy Birthday Eric Clapton!] 


    The bluesman will celebrate in 2013 its 50 years of career. In this occasion, he will bring out a special album in March. 


    Quite as Rolling Stones, the singer and the guitarist Eric Clapton will celebrate this year his 50 years of career. To mark the occasion, the artist will bring out a new entitled album Old Sock on March 12th of this year. The record will consist of remixed music of Eric Clapton and which marked him throughout the life. 


    [Go go Bono!]


    U2 is at present preparing his next album. The group does not still know when it will be finished. 


    Bono has just announced that U2 had already baptized its next album "10 Reasons To Exist." 


    [David Guetta go back home!]


    Yannis Philippakis (a member of Foals) violently attacked the music of the French DJ during an interview. He said " It is an abomination but we need bad music … Then certain persons like the shity music. I do not love David Guetta and I like this style. But what really disturbs me it is to listen to the artists of hip-hop on its musical intermissions. It is hideous because I like the hip-hop. " 




    By Candice Rovere.

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    And here is the arrival of a legend: DAVID BECKAM! He is playing football in France, in the PSG (Paris St Germain). The player formerly in Los Angeles Galaxy. He signed contract of several thousant euros (89100 euros a month). He promises to back his entire monthly salary to carritatives assossiations (31000 euros).

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  • Today, we are going to talk about kitchens show created and produced by the famous Britain chef : Gordon Ramsay. 

    The first show called Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares is no really recent. 

    TV show - Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen


    The Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares took place in Britain but also in the United States. It was diffused on April 2004 in Britain, and on September 2007, for the show in the United States. The famous chef Gordon Ramsay comes to help in needs people with their restaurant. He makes them realise what are their mistakes to correct it. Frist, Gordon tastes their meals and after having eating something who's usually not good, he watches them serving diner, which is a complete disaster. Then, he finally changes the entire restaurant and the menu and let them be better. He comes back a few week later and sees if it changes or not. 

    The second show is called Hotel Hell. 


    TV show - Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell

    Hotel Hell, is more recent than the firts show, it was diffused on August 2012 until now on. It took place in the United Sates of America. For now on, there are six episodes from six different hotels. It is the same  concept that Ramsay's kitchen Nightmares but it's not in an restaurant but in an hotel.


    TV show - Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell  Gordon Ramsay was born on November 8th in 1966, in Johstone (located in Scotland.). He is a cook chef and a scottish restaurateur. He had three stars. He's married and has hour children. He has 25 restaurants (all over the world) which are completely taking care financially by his step-father : Chris Hutcheson. He has two restaurants in France : Gordon Ramsay, in Versailles at the Trianon Palalce, and La veranda, who's also in Versailles. 

    TV show - Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell



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  •  Hello, today is a new day, a day to talk about another series : How I met your Mother, truly famous.


    How I met your mother 


      This is an American series (or sitcom*) created by Craig Thoms and Carter Bays, and directed by Pamela Fryman. It has been diffused on november 2005. The series have eight season and 174 episodes.

    It begins in 2030, Ted Mosby, an architect, tells to his two children how he met their mother. He reminds his young year and the pilot let place to Ted's memory in 2005, where he learnt that his best friends, name Marshall Ericksen, is going to propose Lily Aldrin to marry him. Then, Ted met Robin Scherbatsky in a bar he usually goes: The MacLaren Pub, where Barney Stinson, one of his friends is helping him to find a woman. The series tells; through Ted memory the life of the group of the five friends. 

    * To note that the series is inspired from the personal life of the two creator : one married to his girlfriend from university (Like Marshall and Lily) and the other one, who inspired Ted. 

    * A sitcom is a humoristic comedy/series, based on the same common environment allowing limited means of shooting and reduces the production cost with episodes which last less than an half an hour. The word "sitcom" came from the contract of the English : situation comedy.

     My favorite character is Barney, who is yours ? 

    Series - How I met your mother


    I put for you only, two videos, the first one is a promo of the season 8, and the other one, is a promo of the 21st episode. 

     hope you will enjoy ! 

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  • Hello everybody,

    Today I'm going to talk about the series Vampire Diaries,

    To begin with, Vampire Diaries is about  a girl Elena, who meets Stephen, a vampire, Stephen quickly became interested in Elena.In this series, there is also Damon, the evil brother of stephen. Vampire Diaries is a very interesting series, because there is suspense all the time, so I advise you to watch this series, Have an overview on www.mksniper.fr/article-36451126.htlm.

    Today the series contains 4 seasons, there are 22 episodes per season, we know that the channel plans to broadcast a new season of vampire diaries, a fifth season.

    Meeting on MKSNIPER !!!

    Series : Vampire Diaries


     Corosine Quentin

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    The Tea Time Lovers, a blog made by the 1°L LVA of Dumont D'urville !


    The Tea Time Lovers TEAM


    The class of 1°L of dumont d'urville has decided to create an Engish blog in the course of the year. Our mission is to create some articles of various types, like Musics, Films, or different hobbies like cooking or tv series, the News of the week..! 

    I hope you will enjoy the blog and find interesting information ! Have a nice visit !

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