• Other Facts : She is under investigation for statutory rape 

    A young teacher suspected of connection with a student

    Their history lasted a year and a half . A english teatcher will have to explain Lille Criminal Court to having had a sexual relationship with one of her student . The case was reported by the principal of the college to the prosecutor . The relation began in September 2011 .

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    Our favorite robots are back with a new single « Get Luky » with Pharrel Willaims and Nile Rodgers. It’s simply, Daft Punk want us to fill their ears with a single joyful, dancing and very very very nice to listen. The 21st May, their new album “Random Acces Memories” comes out in the world. They prepare it since 2008; after their world tour “Alive 2007” and before the “TRON Legacy Soundtrack”.

    Suffice to say that they are expected since many years. Their last album is “Human After All” (listen it), released in 2005.
    Eight years after, the robots return and they promise an incredible album bringing with them the novelty in the current musical landscape, which is very cold and soulless. Like what, you have to believe that robots have a soul.

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  • Today I would like to talk about a Serie that I find particulary good, "The Walking Dead". I think you will all know what is a zombie, am i right ? Then please, now imagine Billion of them on Earth with only one objectif : Find you and kill you ! Rick Grimes the main character of the show who work as a cop didn't imagine that before he fell in the coma after have been shot...  

    When he finaly wake up one month later, the world that he know has totaly disapear... He is alone, and he don't know where is his family, he will do every thing to find them and then protect them from the zombies but it will not be easy... 


    This serie has been create by Franck Darabont in 2010, it's inspired of comics who's also named The Walking dead, the serie story is not exacly the same story as the comics but it's clearly inspired of it.

    Here is the trailer, enjoy it !


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  • Attack in Boston

    Two days after the tragic explosion in the Boston marathon , three figures make the tour of Web because of their implication arounds attack . Who Are these men who make vibrate the web ?

    Attacks of Boston: the runner, the rescuer and the man-mystery

    They make the tour of the web , two day after the explosion of 2 bombs which made two death and more than 18O  wounded person , the United States are still in shock . 

    Attacks of Boston: the runner, the rescuer and the man-mystery

    The image of Bill Iffring who made a marathon in the horonable age of 78 years has toured the world with the picture taken by a photograph of the American newspaper . We can see police men who are helping the runner . 

    Attacks of Boston: the runner, the rescuer and the man-mystery

    This is the new hero of United States , Carlos Arredondo , 52 years never ceases the admiration of visitors . In fact the man known by his cowboy hat is working the rubble a few moments after the explosion to try to helping the person in danger and affected by the blast

    Attacks of Boston: the runner, the rescuer and the man-mystery

    Once it was identified , he stay in the center of attention of all people . In the photo taken by Dan Lampariello and posted and twitter , a man walking on the roof of a building at the exact time of the second explosion can be discerned

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  • Charles Baudelaire was a poete major of the XIX Century. It was birth in 1821 et dead in 1867.  In this month (April 2013), it is his 192 candles. It was a celebrity in the French Litterature (With Les Fleurs du Mal) and the England Litterature: Indeed, it is the man who traduces a lot of novels of Edgar Allan Poe such as the famous "William Wilson", a gothic story.

    Soon two Centuries who was dead, it is the best poete for many people across the Litterature Franco-Anglican.

    Charles Baudelaire

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  • Hi everybody  

    Today I want to share with you this sad reality. This article will highlight a passage from life to music . During slavery The slaves used slave songs to express their feelings, to denounce their slavery conditions or to keep hope of being free again .The music was the symbol of the power of the slaves !  Why did I choose this music ? Because for me the notion of freedom is very important ! Again today


    Of course yours point of views are welcome  Thank you ! 

    Fan-Art (Fanny)

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  • Yesterday, a bottle which contains a message was found in Croatia. This message had been cast in the Atlantic Ocean twenty-eight years ago from Canada! The bottle was discovered by Matea Medak Rezic who was cleaning the beach. Beautiful, isn't it?


    Travelling bottle


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  • For the first time since the creation of the subway at the end of the XIXth century, a subway station will take the name of a French singer: Serge Gainsbourg will be on the line 11.

    Bring the noise !


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  • I discovered this song a few month ago, and it remind me our Enlish lessons about Martin Luther King and his famous speech "I have a dream" which is mix in this sound of Bakermat called "Vandaag".

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  • I have a little question for you... Have you already imagined what the earth would look like in 1000 years ? Well, M. Night Shyalmalan did it in his new film : "After Earth" ! 

    The Earth has been evacuated by the humans for an unknown reason... The Humans developped a lot after 1000 years of living in their new colonised planet :"Nova Prime" and they never came back on their home planet. But one day, the general Cypher Raige space ship is hurt by an asteroid which crashes on the earth,that  in 1000 years, has became a really hostile planet. He is the only survivor with his son Kitai, and they will try to stay alive in this planet full of creatures who will have only one goal : Kill them !

    Now here's the trailer for you... Enjoy (it) !


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  • I wanted to share with you some recipes of my origins so here it is :) 

    Salt cod fritters - Bolinhas de bacalhau


    • First, you'll need : 

             500 g of potatoes 

             Salted cold fillet (of course you have to bone the fish) 


             2 eggs. 


    •   Preparation 

                You'll have to bone the fish 24h before, then, cut it in a little pieces. The potatoes have to be crushed. Then,   mixed the fish with the potatoes, the parsley and the eggs. You will take a little of the preparation and put it in a spoon, you will have two spoon, and will change from spoon to spoon until you'll have a good shape then put your final preparation in the oil. 

    Salt cod fritters - Bolinhas de bacalhau

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  • Dystopian tail


    Once upon a time, a country devastated, annihilated, destroyed by a tragic event. An event which have caused a big quake so amazing that the world speaks of it: Jerome Cahuzac whic have an illegal bank account to Switzerland. It’s dreadful, really! After all, it’s true that it’s amazing. A politician with an illegal bank account, it’s so unimaginable. After this, all politicians say that they are shocking like Sardine Morora (the jester of the old king), Jean-François Tarré (Iznogoud. He want to become the king instead the King), Marine La Peine (The devil) in short, the whole valley of the right.

    After this revelation, the King François 12th was angry against his minister. So much so that he wanted to kill him. But finally, the jester of the King, J-M  Zero, asked her to spare. The King accepted but he drove his minister out of the kingdom. His old minister is alone … forever alone. Since, the old minister fights all right and left charges. The right critics his behavior unworthy but … their old King is involved in a court case for embezzlement precisely. The left proposes new laws for the ministers and to prevent the frauds … It’s good! Congratulations! It took several fraud cases it is for those ideas! It’s really good … or then, the country finally wakes up and in recent decades, it has been controlled by the scammers. This would explain why our King has difficulties for to fight the evil witch named: "financial crisis”. In short, I talked about the news.

    Alexis Meillan 

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  • Good morning everyone, have you heard about Maragaret Tatcher's death? Do you know her?

    She was the first woman Fist Minister of the United Kingdom from May, 4th, 1979 to November 28th, 1990. She managed to turn the economy but she had a difficult life during his reign because of the miners: she cut the social spendings. Face to the the long miners strike of 1984, they gave her the nickname "Iron Lady". 

    She also became "by his personality as much as his achievements, the most famous British political leader since Winston Churchill. "

    If you want to learn more about her you can watch the moovie "The Iron Lady" 

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    Let's Dance !

    Hello everybody! Today I'm going to tell you about one of my great hobby: dance ! I dance since I am 8 years old ! I started with classical for three years and then I changed for modern'jazz dance. Lets talk about it !




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  • Hello my friends,

    Today, I come to present the new movie of the saga of fast and furious,

    Fast and Furious 6 which released on 22/05/2013.

    Start from the beginning, Fast and furious is a saga centered on car racing and which speak of the story of a young police officer Brian O'Connor who will be required to investigate on a former jailbird (taulard) Dominic Toretto alias Dom , a great driving racer who burglar trucks onthe road with his team. Gradually, Brian will create a strong bond with Dom and one day Brian will definitely leave the police and with Dom they will create a team of the best of the best in the field of race and burglary.

    Now getting back to episode 6 of the series Fast an Furious, the last movie still collecting the same team.

    And today ,  they  have to deal with another pro team whose knowledge of Dom dissapeared.

    Will you try this new experience ?

    Appointment on 22/05/2013 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Fast and Furious 6



    Section to finish

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