• Protest Song "Papers"

    Today, the english class must  create a protest song on the theme that we wanted. Here, we have Candice and Alexis with a song named "Papers". The subject is on the undocumented migrants. 

    Here the music: https://soundcloud.com/alexis-meillan/papers-with-lana-del-candou
    Here the lyrics:

    It's a way to make them feel good

    It's a way to protest as well

    we hope that it will happen this afternoon

    They hope that they will never have to sleep under the moon

    Shall we be bilnd ?

    Should they clean their mind ?

    Should they love mankind ?

    Shall we be blind ?

    They are waiting to build their nest

    Little papers are flying

    Some of them an booby-tropped 

    Some of them can escape 

    But they just want to undercover

    Here the coded messages:

    1st Part:

    -To have the right to live in France 

    -To protest  for their situation

    -Waiting for a vote at the assembly

    -They will never have to sleep outdoor

    -Must we keep our head down to see anything?

    -Must they delete this dream of liberty



    2nd part:

    -They are waiting to build their home

    -The vote is falling

    -The government make them go back to their country

    -They can’t avoid the authority

    -Finally, they have a job

    -But they just want to have a home


    And if you want to make a karaoke, here the instrumental where the song lasts  longer : https://soundcloud.com/alexis-meillan/protest-song



    Alexis Meillan

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