• Poems - Goodbye

            Hello everybody, I'm going to introduce you the poems that I write. The first poem here is called "Goodbye". Hope you will enjoy :)



    Lying on the grass, I crossed your eyes

    While a fake smile, on your face, appears.

    And, later, when your soft hand almost touch my lips : 

    You suddenly left, I was so ripped. 


    On my so silent street, you came back

    And you stayed next to me in the dark.

    But, as I remember in old time that we had.

    You were just passing through like your dad. 


    Each day, I see you in the mirror 

    And I say : Not again this horror.

    The nightmare starts again in my head when I see you

    And it's hurting me 'cause I miss you 


    This time, I'm sure, I'm ready, but still.

    Close to your grave, I was on my kness.

    My love was there. I looked at him. I said Goodbye.

    He's disappeared.  Forever I cry. 


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