• Lately, the extrem right parti, the FN, known many difficulties with his elected officials. In fact, racists remarks were heard and even, homophobic remarks. One of candidate have resigned to the party because, she was a victim of this remarks. She have algerian origins. They is a few weeks, a FN candidate has compared the minister, Christiane Taubira, to a monkey. All this errors can to allow you very doubtful on the intention of the FN to restore his image. How can he to have elected officials like this if he wants restore his image ? How can he restore his image if there is one scandal per weeks ? We can see the paradoxial situation in this party and the instabilty which reign. A party which wants to be democratic but he ave many elected officials who are racists, homophobic and xénophobic. Don’t forget that the FN have a politics which plays with the people fears. 

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  • After the passage of the powerful Wipha's typhon, the central's operator said that polluted water was found in the sea. Levels from 1 400 to 2 300 becquerels by liter of beta radiations (caused in particular by the strontium 90) were revealed. Tepco had never measured such concentrations in these points, controlled every day. It's very alarming. Even if the surveillance of the sea said that there was no consequence, we can to think that in the future, the fauna will be infected. 

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  • Hello everybody.
    Like every week I have some news for you. And today as usual I'm going to give you some that aren't good at all. 

    Chemical Weapon That's what Bachar al-Assad governent used on the rebels. The French and English Governement could comfirm it with some physiological clue. This civil war takes a form that nobody wanted to see. François Hollande, the French President, asked the UNO to send inspectors to make more researches on this unacceptable way of war.

    The "gas Sarin" Intervention in Syria ?like show it the map (sorry it's in french) the chemical weapon have been used 5 time or more against the rebbel.


    In my opinion, the UNO should act and not let the syrian governement treat  the population of his own country like that.

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  • Today Obama declared that the United State of America will radically change their way to fight agains terrorrism. use of armed drones will be the only way from america to fight theme, the army will be send back in America. 

    "A perpetual war against terrorism is unwinnable"

     This is an exemple of the last version 

    of the american drone. He can be used to 

    make a tactical strike or a recon.






    Barrack Obama promise us it will stop the usefull death of american soldier but some question aren't answere for the moment :

    Will it be enough ? The drone can't do the job of a real army who has the intelligence and the training for fight on th fields.

    There will be no more "usefull death of american soldier" but what about the civilian who will live where the drone will strike ?

    I realy hope that Obama know what he's doing because for the moment I think this isen't the solution.

    I am not the president or a politician, I'm not a soldier or officer too but if the soldier don't fight the terrorism in there origine country why woulden't they attack at they turn ?


    Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it !

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  • Have you heard about this incredible case in Cleveland, in the State of Ohio? Have you heard about the three girls who have been kidnapped and hold in captivity for more than ten years?


    Cleveland Case



                Michelle Knight was twenty-first when she disappeared on August 23, 2002. She is now 32.


                Gina de Jesus was fourteen years old when she disappeared on April 2, 2004. She is now 23. (She was on FBI's list as "missing")


                Amanda Berry was sixteen years old when she disappeared on April 21st, 2003. She is now 27 years old. (She was on the FBI's list as "missing")



                The three girls had been sexually abused by Ariel Castro, the man who terrified all of Americans, they also have been beaten hardly and some of them had a few pregnancies and lost their baby from punch and torment.  They went out only twice during their captivity: in the garage disguised but it always was briefly. They had few moments together but had different rooms and were separated. First, they were in the garage, and then they went on the first floor.


    Amanda Berry


    Cleveland Case

      Cleveland Case  Cleveland Case

     During her captivity, she gave birth in a plastic pool, helped by Michelle Knight, who had been forced to, and if the baby had died, Castro would have killed her. The little girl born on Christmas day, called Jocelyn is now six years old. Amanda's mother, Louwana Miller, who had been hospitalised for months with pancreatitis and other ailments, died in March 2006. Amanda went back to her family after her captivity and called her grand-mother.


    Gina de Jesus


           Cleveland Case Cleveland Case


                Gina de Jesus was also a girl who had been kidnapped by Ariel Castro in the same house as Amanda, and Michelle Knight. She was well welcomed by her family.


    Michelle Knight



    Cleveland Case


                After her captivity, she testified and declared that she had five pregnancies but all were interrupted by Ariel Castro. It was called: "Abortion by punching", he starved her for few weeks and gave her punches on a stomach until she had a miscarriage. Michelle had hash captivity. She was shackled by the neck across the rubbish. She was so hardly beaten that she had a facial reconstruction and she lost hearing from one ear.


                Michelle didn't have a happy childhood, she was beaten in front of her mother, and she had been raped in high school and was pregnant of a little boy that she called: Joy who was taken from her and was given to a foster care. She went to the police but they didn't believe her. She went back home on Mai 11th but doesn't want to see her family again. Gina's parents want to adopt her. She is like a sister for Gina. Michelle will have a facial surgery. 


    Ariel Castro (the Captor)


                Ariel Castro was a school bus driver in the Cleveland area. He is appreciatively fifty. He was said to be "nice, and funny" by the neighbours.  (Appearance is often misleading). Before of being a pervert, he is a huge manipulator. He invites his brothers and when they heard noise, he tells them it was a dog. All of this, without no one could figure out who he really was, and the girl who were in his house. He even participated in the gathered of support to the family of the missing. After DNA test, Castro reveals itself to be the father of the little girl of Amanda: Jocelyn. 

                He is immediately indict and will not be free before the trial. His two brothers were present at the indict but they were uncharged from this case. His DNA was taken so that they could know if he was involved in another case. His past and locker record is absolutely not clean. He had domestic abuse and was arrested for it in 1993. He was once the subject of police investigation after inadvertently leaving a boy on the school bus when he returned to the bus depot, authorities said at the press conference.

    Castro has lived in the house since 1992. The justice has considered the death penalty. 


     The terror house of Cleveland Case 


    Cleveland Case



                The police found strings in the house, chains, and padlock. Cleveland police believe the women were tied up in the home and local reports noted there were chains hanging from the ceiling. The police have also found a white cross on the garden. They also reported that there were signs that dirt had recently been moved in the backyard of the house, though police continue to investigate whether or not the dirt will lead to any new evidence in the case. 


    The saviour: Charles Ramsay 


    Cleveland Case




                This man, who was eating a burger, heard some scream, and saw a girl who tried to get out from the house. She said "help me; I've been here since a long time".  He pulled her out from the house and she said "Called 911, I'm Amanda Berry". He did and the police came. His famous sentence: "I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway."




    Marine Blazek & Celine Ferreira 









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  • Since 2 days, French population know that the French economy is critic. Indeed, French enter in recession "It's not a surprise" like said Pierre Moscovici, ministre of french economy. I give you a definition of recession: In economy, recession is a phenomene slowless the economique rythme croissance; The croissance will become inferior about the potentiel croissance. 

    For the french future, good luck.

    France in recession ... French people were worded


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  • Other Facts : She is under investigation for statutory rape 

    A young teacher suspected of connection with a student

    Their history lasted a year and a half . A english teatcher will have to explain Lille Criminal Court to having had a sexual relationship with one of her student . The case was reported by the principal of the college to the prosecutor . The relation began in September 2011 .

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  • Attack in Boston

    Two days after the tragic explosion in the Boston marathon , three figures make the tour of Web because of their implication arounds attack . Who Are these men who make vibrate the web ?

    Attacks of Boston: the runner, the rescuer and the man-mystery

    They make the tour of the web , two day after the explosion of 2 bombs which made two death and more than 18O  wounded person , the United States are still in shock . 

    Attacks of Boston: the runner, the rescuer and the man-mystery

    The image of Bill Iffring who made a marathon in the horonable age of 78 years has toured the world with the picture taken by a photograph of the American newspaper . We can see police men who are helping the runner . 

    Attacks of Boston: the runner, the rescuer and the man-mystery

    This is the new hero of United States , Carlos Arredondo , 52 years never ceases the admiration of visitors . In fact the man known by his cowboy hat is working the rubble a few moments after the explosion to try to helping the person in danger and affected by the blast

    Attacks of Boston: the runner, the rescuer and the man-mystery

    Once it was identified , he stay in the center of attention of all people . In the photo taken by Dan Lampariello and posted and twitter , a man walking on the roof of a building at the exact time of the second explosion can be discerned

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  • Dystopian tail


    Once upon a time, a country devastated, annihilated, destroyed by a tragic event. An event which have caused a big quake so amazing that the world speaks of it: Jerome Cahuzac whic have an illegal bank account to Switzerland. It’s dreadful, really! After all, it’s true that it’s amazing. A politician with an illegal bank account, it’s so unimaginable. After this, all politicians say that they are shocking like Sardine Morora (the jester of the old king), Jean-François Tarré (Iznogoud. He want to become the king instead the King), Marine La Peine (The devil) in short, the whole valley of the right.

    After this revelation, the King François 12th was angry against his minister. So much so that he wanted to kill him. But finally, the jester of the King, J-M  Zero, asked her to spare. The King accepted but he drove his minister out of the kingdom. His old minister is alone … forever alone. Since, the old minister fights all right and left charges. The right critics his behavior unworthy but … their old King is involved in a court case for embezzlement precisely. The left proposes new laws for the ministers and to prevent the frauds … It’s good! Congratulations! It took several fraud cases it is for those ideas! It’s really good … or then, the country finally wakes up and in recent decades, it has been controlled by the scammers. This would explain why our King has difficulties for to fight the evil witch named: "financial crisis”. In short, I talked about the news.

    Alexis Meillan 

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  • Good morning everyone, have you heard about Maragaret Tatcher's death? Do you know her?

    She was the first woman Fist Minister of the United Kingdom from May, 4th, 1979 to November 28th, 1990. She managed to turn the economy but she had a difficult life during his reign because of the miners: she cut the social spendings. Face to the the long miners strike of 1984, they gave her the nickname "Iron Lady". 

    She also became "by his personality as much as his achievements, the most famous British political leader since Winston Churchill. "

    If you want to learn more about her you can watch the moovie "The Iron Lady" 

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  • A new war ?










    (A photo of the "plan strikes U.S. territory" developed by North Korea appears in the party daily Workers' Party, the Rodong Sinmun. | NK News.org)

    Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, was ready for to attack the United States of America with missils. This order was given that night at an emergency meeting. This decision follows the overview of a U.S. stealth bomber on the territory of North Korea. Follows this announce, the U.S Government declare that the North Korea plays to a game "dangerous". In fact, a war between the North Korea and the United States of America could to trigger a nuclear war. Hope they find an agreement between them.


    Alexis Meillan

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  • TV - Koh Lanta , Cases closed in Cambodia


    For the Cambodian authorities, the investigation of the death of a candidate of '' Koh Lanta " is ended . The young candidate having died from '' natural death '' . Gérald Babin , 25 years old , succumbed on Friday to a heart attack in the first day of shooting of the 16th season of the broadcast on the island of Koh Rong off Sihanoukville . 

    According to Adventure Line Productions , Gérald Babin was taken by cramps during the first game , which followed the arrival of the participants on the site . He was taken care by the emergency of the broadcast , who lavished him the first care , before deciding to evacuate him towards the hospital where he died. After this event, the first one for a French programm of reality tv , TF1 announced the cancellation of the season 2013 .

    TV - Koh Lanta , Cases closed in Cambodia

    Mixture of reality show and adventures , Koh Lanta is one of the biggest audience of TF1 a French channel . The declension of the British broadcast '' Survivor '' adapted in numerous countries . We count around 7,4 millions of televiewers .


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  • This is it! The 12th February 2013, the law of  marriage for the homosexuals was adopted by the National Assembly. A victory for the left and a defeat for the right. This project of the President, François Hollande, has resulted on 12th February in 329 deputies for the law and 229 against. One  of the President's promises has been respected. Here is a summary of a promise that caused a lot of controversy on part of right parties (and especially religious institutions) and the story of a battle for freedom from the left parties. In 2012, François Hollande promised that the homosexuals could marry. It’s the commitment called in French “Engagement 31” in his political program. Elected President, he launched the project. Various parties expressed their dissatisfaction against the law. I can quote the former Prime minister, François Fillon (UMP), who said “in case of alternation, we abrogate”, speaking of the law. Valéry Pécresse said “unmarried homosexuals couples” (Lelab.europ1.fr), which seems impossible and totally stupid.
    The 7th November, Christiane Taubira presents the law to other ministers. After this, the law is presented to the National Assembly. Then followed two weeks of intensive debate where Christiane Taubira defended this law with conviction. It’s simple, she was amazing during two weeks and she bluffed everybody with an amazing argumentation where each person who contested the law, was ridiculed by her remarks. We can quote when she express her dissatisfaction against the UMP deputies, Bernard Perrut, when he asked to the Prime Minister if he “wants to destroy marriage”. Christiane Taubira responded  “you're not going to believe you completely ignore that there are LGBT families in this country, you do not know that there is more love in heterosexual than in homosexual couples, there much love vis-à-vis these children and all children are children of France!” (Liberation). She quotes many writers or poets like Léon Gontrand Damas to defend this law which is a sign of freedom. She said “The act that we perform is as beautiful as a rose which besieged the Eiffel Tower at dawn finally sees flourish petals”.
    After two weeks of debates, the law is adopted by the National Assembly, the 12th February 2013. It’s a historic date. The law will be discussed in Senate, the 2nd April 2013.

    We enter  a new era, the era of freedom and equality for everybody.

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  • ~ Hi  everybody ~

    We're going  to  speak to you  about The  Pill

    The  pill is a means  of contraception which nowadays goes in his 40 years.

    This symbol of  feminine freedom is not dethroned in spite of the diversity of the means to master its fertility.

    In spite of the insurance which it brings to the women there is many name say around the hormonal contraception. 

    Difficult to escape the new sanitary scandal French-style which is outlined,  today a young woman puts us the doubt on this mode of contraception when she lodged a complaint against the manufacturer. 

    The pill of the third generation is for her  the cause of her handicap bound to an AVC. 

    The agency of safety of the medecine announces that it will banned from now on  by the specialists.

    And it  is bannished from the market.

    But what interests  women is to find out whether there  really is a problem and if it will be settled...



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  • The morning of  February, 5th  was a morning like the otherstill a meteor rain strike  Russia.

    The meteor rain caused about a thousand injured.

    It's really rare that a meteor hurts someone and makes muke damages. The person who were hurt were not hurt by the meteors fragments but by the glasses explosions wh were blown by the shock wave of the impact between the meteor and the earth.

    From the informations given by the media, the meteor measured around 10 meters.

    The meteor rain in Russia

    The meteor rain in Russia


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