• Natalia Kills : New album "Trouble"





    Natalia Kills : New album "Trouble"


    Natalia Cappuccini, known as Natalia Kills, was born August 15 in 1986. Afro-Jamaican and Uruguayan origin, she was raised in United Kingdom. 

    Between 2009 and 2011, she released her first album produced by Will.i.am : Perfectionist. An album of 14 songs electro, dark and rhythmic.



    In 2014, at the age of 27, she released her second album : Trouble.



    "Two and a half years after his first album, which left already shows some personal universe and a sharp pen, Natalia Kills recidivism with "Trouble". She exposes her scars, her trash personality and her different musical facets. She continues to press where it hurts. The singer still plays provocation and does not intend to stop. She denounces the condition of our society which "fuck for McDonald's" and lives in ecstasy. Natalia Kills describes a decadent youth and a generation lost in the television and the technology."





    The first two singles of her album are already available. 











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