• My protest song with Amanda

    All lies on them

    James was born in 1995
    Green eyes, brown hair;
    The doctor sait his birth was way too fast
    But he survived.
    James has a long story,
    The first time we saw him, he was playing with those strings.
    He didn't know that he would keep it during his whole life.
    For the parents James was ok,
    For the doctors James was ok.
    James was like one of those kids
    They were afraid of his beauty
    2012, he went to the university
    Harvard, Julliard, MIT, Brown, Columbia wanted him
    But James, just took a decision with his strings
    James was the entire sky as himself
    For the parents James was ok
    For the doctors James was ok
    But more James grew up, more they believed it, more he cheated on it;
    2012, he lost his strings.
    That was the trigger of his next life.
    You can sing it with the soundtrack that you prefer because we didn't decide which one we'll keep. We choose to create a song about people with diseas because in everyday, we see people who can't go to school because they need to much treatment.

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