• My protest song : I heard

    I heard 


    I heard : "polar bears don't live with brown bears"

    What about pandas ?

    I heard : "camargue horses don't mix with Arabian horses"

    What about zebras ?

    Sometimes we must (shut) make silence 


    I heard, I heard, but I don't listen 

    It's not worth the trouble

    I heard, I heard, But I don't understand

    When wil this hate end ?


    I heard : " doves don't fly with ravens"

    what about magpies 

    I heard : "white whales don't swim with humpabck whales"

    What about orcas 

    whipped cream is better with melted chocolate



    Codes :

    Animals = humans 

    Contrast = Black and white


    Topic : Racism and discrimination



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