• "Miss Take"

    Hello every body !

    Today I would like to present you my english-task that I had to made this week, I had to write a song with secret massages in it ! I decided to make a song who's talking about the mistake of our society and the future of our world. There it is !

    I hope you'll enjoy it !



    Miss Take

    Sometimes I just don't understand

    Why are we sitting when we could stand

    Why are we fighting when we could live

    Why are we stealing when we could give

    Please just explain me

    Why there is always somebody

    Who will dominate easily

    Is it our destiny ?

    Or God's plan maybe ?

    It makes me feel scary

    For everyone else and for me


    Did you know that in Wonderland

    They have different plan

    Of what their life will be ?

    For example

    They do not fight the dragons

    They transform them into friends

    Who do not cause destruction

    And with them

    They create legends

    For their children

    Who at their turn

    Will create legends

    To make a sort of peace

    That we could call the end

    Of the dictatorial kiss


    It's with this sort of logic

    That one day we'll stop being


    I hope you understand what I mean

    Cause I will not repeat

    We have to protect what's green

    Or prepare ourselves

    for a terrible halloween


    If you ask her for food she will feed you

    If you ask her for tools she will give you

    If you ask her for love she will love you

    But if you try to take it by force she will kill you

    That's why I respect her

    The land of all of us, our mother




    And one day I will thank her

    By dying in peace, staying with her

    I hope she will

    Forgive my brothers

    For their stupidity

    And their errors

    That we could clearly call a crime

    Against some one who just can't cry


    You know I just don't want to see you die

    I will do anything, it could be kill or lie

    And I give you my word

    I will defend this world

    Against the madness

    Of all these little lords


    This is the end of my declaration

    There will not be any abrogation

    redemption or reddition


    That would be able

    to change my mind

    I say good bye

    we'll meet another time



    There is the beat that i choose for go with the lyrics :

    And here is the messages :

    dragon : Governement

    dictatorial Kiss : Tyrani

    green : environement

    Halloween : destruction of the environement

    Mother/Her/She : Earth

    Brothers : rest of the Humanity

    Little lord : enterprise leader


    Thanks for reading and.. Let's see us a other time !

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    StockholmeRPG StockholmeRPG profile
    Friday 17th May 2013 at 09:09

    I was pretty sure that it was an eminem instru'. Your voice sounds like his voice. x)

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