• Marvel presents its first muslim hero

    In February, Marvel will have a new hero, a new Miss Marvel name Kamala Khan. She is a pakistani teenage girl and living in New Jersey with her family. Her mom is really strict about boys and her dad wants her to become a doctor. The comics author namef G. Willow Wilson explain that she can change her limbs, she can be an elastic girl, make herself grow or shrink.

    She created Kamala for all the little muslim girls who can't find or reconize themselves in everydays heroes, on TV, books etc.. High school was a hard time for her and she wrote a lot so she wanted to share a hero to those who have a similare experience.

    Marvel is a little bit afraid of the critics, mostly of people against and for the muslims, they're point of view will make the succes or not of the new comics.


    I hope we'll enjoy it

    Marvel presents its first muslim hero

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