• Marshall Mathers LP2 - Eminem



    Marshall Mathers LP2 is the new and last album of eminem. He Annonce the end of his career in a awesome way like we expected him to do. Incredible is the first word that come in my mind when I have to talk about it. The Marshall Mathers LP came out for the first time in 2000, he basicly write it to talk about what he's been trough in all his life since 2000, now it's about his life from 2000 since now. Lots of things happened between these two dates. His songs are about him, his life his problems and what he think about himself today.

    All the fans of Eminem or even the people who only occasionaly listen to him will find what they like in Eminem in this Album. An huge variety of Marshall Mathers songs with also a few Slim Shady's rap. Berserk is the perfect exemple of the basic Slim Shady song like we like them !

    Her's the full album, Enjoy !


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