• Marriage For All Adopted: A Democratic Victory

    This is it! The 12th February 2013, the law of  marriage for the homosexuals was adopted by the National Assembly. A victory for the left and a defeat for the right. This project of the President, François Hollande, has resulted on 12th February in 329 deputies for the law and 229 against. One  of the President's promises has been respected. Here is a summary of a promise that caused a lot of controversy on part of right parties (and especially religious institutions) and the story of a battle for freedom from the left parties. In 2012, François Hollande promised that the homosexuals could marry. It’s the commitment called in French “Engagement 31” in his political program. Elected President, he launched the project. Various parties expressed their dissatisfaction against the law. I can quote the former Prime minister, François Fillon (UMP), who said “in case of alternation, we abrogate”, speaking of the law. Valéry Pécresse said “unmarried homosexuals couples” (Lelab.europ1.fr), which seems impossible and totally stupid.
    The 7th November, Christiane Taubira presents the law to other ministers. After this, the law is presented to the National Assembly. Then followed two weeks of intensive debate where Christiane Taubira defended this law with conviction. It’s simple, she was amazing during two weeks and she bluffed everybody with an amazing argumentation where each person who contested the law, was ridiculed by her remarks. We can quote when she express her dissatisfaction against the UMP deputies, Bernard Perrut, when he asked to the Prime Minister if he “wants to destroy marriage”. Christiane Taubira responded  “you're not going to believe you completely ignore that there are LGBT families in this country, you do not know that there is more love in heterosexual than in homosexual couples, there much love vis-à-vis these children and all children are children of France!” (Liberation). She quotes many writers or poets like Léon Gontrand Damas to defend this law which is a sign of freedom. She said “The act that we perform is as beautiful as a rose which besieged the Eiffel Tower at dawn finally sees flourish petals”.
    After two weeks of debates, the law is adopted by the National Assembly, the 12th February 2013. It’s a historic date. The law will be discussed in Senate, the 2nd April 2013.

    We enter  a new era, the era of freedom and equality for everybody.

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    dumont78 dumont78 profile
    Saturday 23rd February 2013 at 16:11

    Good Work Alexis!

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