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    In the midst of economic crisis, the French fear for their jobs. More than a third of French people consider the insufficiently protective Labour Code for employees (37%). 

         Situation is also worrying for students who themselves admit also be exhausted (39%) suffering from loneliness and isolation (26%) and sleep problems (22%). When asked if going well, 37% said that their health is not satisfactory.

    Overwork, fatigue or stress? Take a break from your daily routine and relax with relaxation

    What is relaxation?
    Relaxation is a practice based on calm breathing and muscle relaxation, designed to reduce physical stress, mental stress and it is often associated , Generally, we try to escape his min
    he action of the music touch the limbic system where the keyboard of our emotions. Rhythm and intensity of sounds and stimulate our emotional reactions and bring us wellness promoting peace, balance and progression to improve our physical and psychological state, where necessary and possible .

    So try with  chosen as the most relaxing music of the year ;)

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