• Let's Dance !


    Let's Dance !

    Hello everybody! Today I'm going to tell you about one of my great hobby: dance ! I dance since I am 8 years old ! I started with classical for three years and then I changed for modern'jazz dance. Lets talk about it !



    If everybody knows le Ballet National de l'Opera de Paris wich is the first classical ballet ever created, there is only a few people who knows about modern'jazz ballets. There are a lot all around the world. Modern' jazz dance is a kind of mix between classical dance and contemporary dance or classical dance and hip-hop. 

    This dance is based on the body language, the relation between fluid movements and cut or jerky steps. In modern'jazz you play between the interpretation of the music or the main theme of the choregraphy and the limits of your capacities (there is always a main theme for a choregraphy) . Most of the time we dance bare feet. You need to be very flexible to practice this dance that's why almost every modern'jazz dancers have an experience in classical dance. 

    The Korea Ballet Compagny (KBC) is a corean ballet compagny founded in 1962. The choregraphy that follow is called "Hallucinations" (made by a KBC dancer) and it's a great example of the interpretation of the theme ! Enjoy !


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