• King Scallop Carpaccio


    Carpaccio of Scallops Jacques

    Preparation time : 15 minutes


    Cooking time : 0 minutes


    Ingredients : ( for 4 people )


    -12 Jacques scallops fresh or frozen ( only the white flesh )

    -10 tablespoons olive oil

    -1 bunch of fresh basil

    -1 green limon

    -1 teaspoon of liquide honey

    -salt and pepper

    Preparation of the recipe :


    Slice thinly shells ( if they are fresh , put them in the freezer for half an hour to decide more easily )

    Arrange on the plates.

    Prepare a vinaigrette with olive oil , the lime juice , the honey , the chopped basil. Salt and pepper.

    Put the vinaigrette on the slices shells and put in the fridge one hour before to serve.


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