• In February, Marvel will have a new hero, a new Miss Marvel name Kamala Khan. She is a pakistani teenage girl and living in New Jersey with her family. Her mom is really strict about boys and her dad wants her to become a doctor. The comics author namef G. Willow Wilson explain that she can change her limbs, she can be an elastic girl, make herself grow or shrink.

    She created Kamala for all the little muslim girls who can't find or reconize themselves in everydays heroes, on TV, books etc.. High school was a hard time for her and she wrote a lot so she wanted to share a hero to those who have a similare experience.

    Marvel is a little bit afraid of the critics, mostly of people against and for the muslims, they're point of view will make the succes or not of the new comics.


    I hope we'll enjoy it

    Marvel presents its first muslim hero

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  • Last week I went to an amazing event ! It is called Paris Games Week.
    During this event, there were a lot of show. I watched the World Cup of a videogame called ShootMania Storm.
    There were two teams fighting for the cup, one French team and one English team. The French team won !

    Paris Games Week

    I waited  2 hours to play BF4 on PS4. I found that the graphism were EPIC, the new dualshock was sweet and souple.
    But there was a problem during my session there was a power outage ! We were angry against the PGW Staff.
    During the day, i bougt a Hoodie from The Elder Scrolls and one pickaxe from Minecraft. I love goodies.
    If you love videos games and meet gamers, the Paris Games Week will be back the next year !
    Book reader, and cooker this event is not for you.
    In the afternoon there was a tourney of Battlefield 4, I saw Orelsan, Kev'Adams and a lot of personnality from video games world.

    Paris Games Week

    Paris Games Week


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  • American Horror Story is an american show created in 2009 by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. This show is based on usual urban legends and every season is a different story at a different time.


    American Horror Story: The Murder House 

     The first season of American Horror Story is called "Murder House" and tells the story of a three-persons family, the Harmon. The father is a pervert psychiatrist, the mother is a depressive woman and their daughter is satanic. They decide to move in a new house because of its incredibly low price. But they quickly be awared by the neighborhood and by the house itself that they choice wasn't smart...

    Please visit the Murder House and learn more about its history...


    The second season is called American Horror Story: Asylum

      It's a real different story. It happens during our time and in the past- so this is a two-time story - but in the same place. An asylum called Briarcliff, lead by a none called Sister Jude and where a lot of patients are mistreated and just disappear. We will follow the story of a journalist who wants to write an article against Briarcliff to push the autorities to close this institution and who's going to discover that  a awful secret is even better kept secret when everybody knows it.

    Here's a compilation of all the teasers released before the beginning of this season:


    The third season is new and  ongoing. A new episode is released every wednesday in the USA (so every thursdays for the frenchies !) It's called American Horror Story: Coven

    This season takes place in New- Orleans where Black people and White people had a very violent past and where they still living separately. This is a story about four young witches living together in a coven where they are learning how to control their powers with a house mistress (who his a witch too) and her mother who is the Supreme of the witches (which mean that she is the most powerful with of the current generation).

    But thoses witches are about to have a lot of problems because of an ancient war between Voodoo witches and the conven's witches...




     The link between the 3 seasons of American Horror Story is that they are all considered as sick and twisted so now you are aware...

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  • Hello everybody ! It's being a realy long time !

    Well guess who's back, back, back, back again, shady's back to the fame ! I think you all already know Eminem, one of the two greatest rapper of all times ! well he came back a few weeks ago with his new songs "berserk" and "survival" and yersterday he just realesed "Rap God", his last single who's awesome for his lyrics and his flow. In the lasts minutes of the song he rap so fast that it's approximately 100 word for each 16 seconds that came out of his mouth ! Can you just imagine that, speaking that fast ?! It's nearly twice more fast than Nicky Minage.

    With this song he finalise his great return in the rap music world ! Slim shady & Marshall Mathers are booth back ! His last album was a great success but didn't realy represent the eminem that the true fans loved, we've all think that Slim Shady was dead, but no and it's just the begining !

    There is his lasts song I hope you'll enjoy them as I did :

    By the way his new album will certenely be realysed near the 5th November 2013 ! See you !

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  • If you are scared of strange language, hold your breath ! This one is the harder langague to read, BUT the easier langague to learn. Yes, it is easier than English !
    First of all, I give you a link about CSS to learn it by the easy way.

    Click here to learn how to use CSS




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  • O-bla-di, o-bla-da, life goes on, brah!...Lala how the life goes on...O-bla-di, o-bla-da, life goes on, brah!...Lala how the life goes on.

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  • ~ Hi Everyone !!

    I'm writing  this little message  to say  that  my  year  in 1L  was  just amazing  ,  I've learnt much   during  this  year and  all of  you are  going  to  miss  me  , but we are going keep in touch <3

    Hi guys! It was a wonderfull year by your side my friends. I hope that one day this nation will..Oups sorry. Martin Luther King Syndrom. I hope that we will be together next year. I have to say goodbye to Marine and Laurane, because they leave our class. Goodbye girls. God save you.


    This year brought me so much, I've learnt so many things, I really enjoyed this class and didn't regret to take this option. It was much more that I expected. Thank you Mrs. Aissani. 


    Hi everyone, I'm really pride of myself because this year, I learned a lot, thanks to our teacher who made us work hard. Thanks to my mates who helped me to become better. Thanks to the 1ereL and I hope the next year will be better!



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  • The 29 may 2013, in China, a baby was recoverd in a pipe. Indeed, neibours were alerting by the shream of a baby, and so decide to call fireman. Baby was saved, but the main questions are Why and How ?

    The story is simple but dramatic. A woman throws her baby in toilet because ... she doesn't want a baby. 

    Tragic story, but the baby is good today. 

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  • This monday, May 29 ,  eleven days after the proclamation of  the law Taubira ,  The mayor of  Montpelier Hélène Mandroux wich remain historically celebrated the first  same-sex marriage in France .
    Vincent  and  Bruno  have said  " YES" .. 

    The first same-sex marriage celebrated in France

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