Twenty years ago, Kurt Cobain was found dead in his Seattle house. The autopsy revealed that he comitted suicide by shooting himself in the head. Like many other artist like Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and more recently Amy Winehouse, he died when he was twenty seven years old, leaving behind him a great carrer.

    Today, his widow Courtney Love (also singer in the rockband Hole) gave an interview and said that there probably will a musical to honour the memory of her dead husband.


    The last shooting of Kurt Cobain was taken by Youri Lenquette on february 16th in 1994, two months before he died. He was pictured holding a gun in many photos.



    Frances Cobain, the daughter of Kurt and Courtney Love took part in the musical project. But you have to know that nothing is sure yet.

    So stay tune !





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  • The State of Oklahoma had to proceed, on Tuesday, April 29th, to a double execution for the first time since almost eighty years. Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner must be killed by injection in a prison situated in a town in the southeast of Oklahoma City

    But everything did not go according to plan. These two executions must be realized by means of a new protocol which had never been tested. The new procedure plans the injection of three products to the condemned person: a painkiller, an anesthetic and some potassium chloride with lethal dose


    A doctor came then to examine the place where the injection had been made and discovered that a vein had burst, preventing the painkiller from acting suitably, according to the explanations given by the director of the administration of the prisons of Oklahoma, Robert Patton.


    The New York Times specifies that, without the effect planned by the painkiller, the injection of two other products causes " an oppression and atrocious pains ". " It was extremely difficult to see that. That looked like the torture ", declared, at the exit of the execution room, the lawyers of Clayton Lockett. The condemned person finally died from a heart attack at 7:06 am, that is about three quarters of an hour after the beginning of the execution.

    Year 2013 was for the death penalty in the United States one year of decline, marked by executions and death sentences at levels among most low for decades

    The United States: a failed execution which turns in the torture in the Oklahoma


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  • In friday morning, there was a TGV accident just near to Reims in the South of France. Indeed, a man was collided by a train exactly in the municipality of Puisieulx. The trafic was arrested during 2h30, for fire brigades help the man. We don't know if the man steel alive.

    TGV accident in France

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  • Must the electronic cigarette be forbidden in the public places?


    According to several other American cities , Los Angeles has just forbidden the vapotage in all the public places. If the complete harmlessness of the e-cigarette is not demonstrated the studies confirm that it is much less dangerous than the classic cigarettes. His defenders put forward his efficiency in the smoking cessation, his opponents see an incentive there to consume some tobacco. Is his ban in the public places an effective health policy ?



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  • Last week end I went to La Comédie Française to watch a representation of Andromaque ( a dramatic play written by Jean Racine) settled by Muriel Mayette-Holtz. This was a very impressive casting and it took place in the famous salle Richelieu. The stage was separated by three greek columns and the costumes of the comedians were made of  white silk and cotton and were wavering thanks to an artificial wind.

    Many critics said that the representation was to light and purified to touch the audience. I do not agre because I felt involve by the story and the way the comedians played the characters.

    Andromaque by La Comédie Française

    Cécile Brune (Andromaque) and Eric Ruff (Pyrrhus)


    Andromaque by La Comédie Française

    Léionie Simaga (Hermione) and Clément Hervieu- Léger (Oreste)

    Andromaque by La Comédie Française

     Léonie Simaga ( Hermione)


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  • Welcome to Paris

    Paris, the French capital, is polluted from a dangerous excess of CO2 on the atmosphere. Bertrand Delanoé, the mayor of Paris, take a desision for all inhabitants from Paris. This pic of pollution, the most important since 20 years, feels scary to the inhabitants. He decides to autorize just the impair cars, motos and camions to drive up in the road this friday to soften the atmosphere of this beautiful city. Last sunday, Delanoé decides to make the bikes free.


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  • Mike Jagger : The suicide of his wife , a tragedy

    Rolling Stones under the shock of the suicide of the wife of Mike Jagger, left on Thursday Australia, promising to come back from the cancellation of their tour in the Pacific. 

    She committed suicide by hanging on Monday morning in her apartment of New York, confirmed on Wednesday the forensic scientist.

    " It is a really terrible piece of news, and for the moment, the essential thing for us is to unite around Mike to offer him our support and help it to cross this sad period " said the guitarist Ronnie Wood.

    Mick Jagger did not reappear since the announcement of the death of his partner. On Tuesday, he had announced his incomprehension in front of this suicide, via his internet page

    The ex-model didn't let a message to explain her gest. She apparently hung herself with a scarf in a door handle . Wrent Scott, very glamour , was a stylist considered in the United States, the creations of which we carried by Madonna, Angelina Jolie, or Michelle Obama

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  • Drill the mystery of the Boeing 777

    the Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines, disappeared since Saturday with 239 passengers on board off Vietnam. According to American investigators quoted on Thursday by the Wall Street Newspaper the Boeing 777 could have flown during four hours after its last contact. The plane could so according to the investigators have been diverted opening the way to new hopes for the families of the passengers .

    Twelve nations, among which the United States, China and Japan, participate in the operations which mobilize not less than 42 ships and 39 planes.

    The American persons in charge of the contreterrorisme explore the track according to which a pilot or somebody on board was able to divert it towards a secret destination having intentionellement cut transponders.


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  • In the UK, late mobilization after floods


    The southwest of England is flooded since the New Year and floods on the outskirts of London. Criticized for the slow pace of relief, Prime Minister David Cameron has finally sounded the general mobilization while rains and winds up to 160 km / h let fear a further worsening of the situation. Some 147,000 homes were without electricity Thursday, February 13, particularly in Wales

    In the UK, late mobilization after floods

    In areas of the Southwest, where several villages are cut off from the world for more than a month already, people complain that it took floods are approaching London for Westminster finally responds . Mr Cameron, who had convened a ministerial meeting new crisis Wednesday warned that things were likely to "get worse before it gets bette

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    More than of five accomplices were arrested during an operation led againts the sexual traffic the of young people within the framework of the Super Bowl played on Sunday February 2nd near New York

    All in all , 16 minors from 13 to 17 years old were hel^ped by the FBI. Some of the arrested persons recognized to have come in New Jersey where happened finale of American football , in the only purpose to prostitute young women and children during Great Bow

    This most important , sports event of the year happened on Sunday in a stadium of 82 people. The conotation of Seattle Seahawks was followed by 11,5 million televiewers. The televisionchannel Fox asserted that never a unique program had combined so many televiewers in the United States.


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  • The japanese studio Ghibli and the Zippo brand did a partnership to create original zippos inspired by many movies of the producer and mangaka Hayao Miyasaki!

    The price is approximately 100 dollars.

    Zippo and Miyazaki 's partnership

    Zippo and Miyazaki 's partnership

    Zippo and Miyazaki 's partnership

    Zippo and Miyazaki 's partnership

    If you want to get one, be quick because it's a limited edition !

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  • Alfred Sauvy has say "The Humanity is didacted to the progress for life". And he was raison, because China has built a new nuclear missile.

    A lot of pictures showing an intercontinental ballistic missile with nuclear capacity of rather long impact to affect the United States were published this week by the Chinese Army. According to the specialist, this missile can travel 8 000 km, It's very dangerous for China to have a nuclear missille like that. This missile was tested in The Chinese Sea, between China and Japon.

    Nuclear Test for China

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  • Several thousand activists anti-termination of pregnancy demonstrated on Wednesday in a polar cold in Washington for the annual " Marche(walking) for the life ", on the occasion of 41 years of the legalization of the abortion in the United States.

    As every year, on the occasion of this demonstration considered as the most important for the world against the abortion. The gathering of this year, in which participated numerous young people, priests and nuns, had been placed under the theme of the adoption. 

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  • The House of the Rising Sun is an american folk song whose origin is unknown. Some people think that the song was written by a couple from Kentucky (Georgia Turner and Bert Martin).

    This song is one of the most covered since the XXth century. The meaning of the lyrics is submit to a controversy because the expression "Rising Sun" was commonly used like a euphemism to talk about brothel. But according to some people, "the Rising Sun" was a prison for women in New Orleans. That would probably explain the expression "ball and chain" at the end of the song.

    When you search "the house of the rising sun lyrics" in google, the first answer will be the version of the band The Animal, released in 1964. Those lyrics are quite correct copairing to the originals except for one detail :

    "There is a house in New Orleans
    They call the Rising Sun
    And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
    And God, I know I'm one "

    In fact in the original version, the song is the testimony of a young woman. But many bands like Muse (2010) or The Walls of Jericho (2008) changed the lyrics in a lot of different ways.

    My three favorite covers are the version of Nina Simone(1962):

    the version of Lauren O'Connel (2013):

    and the version of the White Buffalo (2011):

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  • Having occupied the second place, behind the Argentine Lionel Messi, during the last two publishing, the Portuguese of the Real Madrid, 28 years, takes away for the second time of its career, after that of the 2008, the supreme individual title for the soccer players.

    With his selection of Portugal, he eliminated almost to him alone, on November 19th, 2013, by registering a triplet in Stockholm, Sweden of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, during the play-off game return of the World cup .With this second Golden ball, Cristiano Ronaldo exceeds his fellow countrymen Luis Figo (crowned in 2000) and Eusebio ( 1965 ), died on January 5th .

     Better soccer player in 2013, Cristiano Ronaldo proves with this award that he is a worker and an outstanding soccer player


    Cristiano Ronaldo - Golden ball


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