• Grover Cleveland ("Big Steve" , "Uncle Jumbo")



    Grover Cleveland ("Big Steve" , "Uncle Jumbo")

          Grover Cleveland was born Stephen Grover Cleveland in 1837 In New Jersey and died in 1908 In Princeton. He had five children with Francis Folsom. Before being the 22nd and 24th president of the United State of America, he was a lawyer. He was the first democrat elected after the Civil war. At 44, he emerged into a political prominence that carried him to the White House in three years. Running as a reformer, he was elected Mayor of Buffalo in 1881, and later, Governor of New York.

          He earned the nickname “Guardian President” after being elected four years later after his first term. He was uncumfortable in the White House especially as a bachelor but finally, he makes Frances Folsom america's youngest first lady at 21. It was the first time that a wedding happen in the White house. Three of their children were born there.


         He died of a heart attack in Princeton. His children were away but his wife stay by his side. An unusual aspect of his legacy: A body part of Grover Cleveland’s resides at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. It is his “secret tumor,” an epithelioma removed from the roof of his mouth during his second term.




    "A truly American sentiment recognizes the dignity of labor and the fact that honor lies in honest toil”

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