• Fast and Furious 6

    Hello my friends,

    Today, I come to present the new movie of the saga of fast and furious,

    Fast and Furious 6 which released on 22/05/2013.

    Start from the beginning, Fast and furious is a saga centered on car racing and which speak of the story of a young police officer Brian O'Connor who will be required to investigate on a former jailbird (taulard) Dominic Toretto alias Dom , a great driving racer who burglar trucks onthe road with his team. Gradually, Brian will create a strong bond with Dom and one day Brian will definitely leave the police and with Dom they will create a team of the best of the best in the field of race and burglary.

    Now getting back to episode 6 of the series Fast an Furious, the last movie still collecting the same team.

    And today ,  they  have to deal with another pro team whose knowledge of Dom dissapeared.

    Will you try this new experience ?

    Appointment on 22/05/2013 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Fast and Furious 6



    Section to finish

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