• Eminem - the rap God

    Hello everybody ! It's being a realy long time !

    Well guess who's back, back, back, back again, shady's back to the fame ! I think you all already know Eminem, one of the two greatest rapper of all times ! well he came back a few weeks ago with his new songs "berserk" and "survival" and yersterday he just realesed "Rap God", his last single who's awesome for his lyrics and his flow. In the lasts minutes of the song he rap so fast that it's approximately 100 word for each 16 seconds that came out of his mouth ! Can you just imagine that, speaking that fast ?! It's nearly twice more fast than Nicky Minage.

    With this song he finalise his great return in the rap music world ! Slim shady & Marshall Mathers are booth back ! His last album was a great success but didn't realy represent the eminem that the true fans loved, we've all think that Slim Shady was dead, but no and it's just the begining !

    There is his lasts song I hope you'll enjoy them as I did :

    By the way his new album will certenely be realysed near the 5th November 2013 ! See you !

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