Let's Dance !

    Hello everybody! Today I'm going to tell you about one of my great hobby: dance ! I dance since I am 8 years old ! I started with classical for three years and then I changed for modern'jazz dance. Lets talk about it !




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  •       Hello everybody, this is the second poem that I write called "Almost together" which is in relation with the poem "Goodbye". 


    Almost together 

    A long time, we spent together

    Through the passion and the desire.

    We were bound in chains forever

    Until we end, consumed by the fire.


    Hours and Hours at the sea

    Looking the sun and just dreaming.

    Lying on his chest : He stares me,

    Sparkle in the eye, he asks : move in.


    On this day forth, I was so pleased

    That we were move in love each other

    He gaves me a really good kiss

    And I have to ask for another


    From the window, the sun still here

    I smile, waiting for you in our home. 

    All was set but you weren't there,

    Asking with fear why you didn't come.


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  •         Hello everybody, I'm going to introduce you the poems that I write. The first poem here is called "Goodbye". Hope you will enjoy :)



    Lying on the grass, I crossed your eyes

    While a fake smile, on your face, appears.

    And, later, when your soft hand almost touch my lips : 

    You suddenly left, I was so ripped. 


    On my so silent street, you came back

    And you stayed next to me in the dark.

    But, as I remember in old time that we had.

    You were just passing through like your dad. 


    Each day, I see you in the mirror 

    And I say : Not again this horror.

    The nightmare starts again in my head when I see you

    And it's hurting me 'cause I miss you 


    This time, I'm sure, I'm ready, but still.

    Close to your grave, I was on my kness.

    My love was there. I looked at him. I said Goodbye.

    He's disappeared.  Forever I cry. 


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     Hi everyone, I'm Théo Bertrand, I ride since 2 years and this is my first scooter part.

    Enjoy ;)

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