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    Castle is an american serie created by Andrew W. Marlowe broadcast on ABC since March 9th 2009. The serie already has 6 seasons and is shot in Los Angeles, California.

    It tells the story of Richard Castle, a famous writter of thrillers, who is tired of writing about his character, Derrick Storm. To general surprise, he decide to kill him in his last book. During an evening organized by his publisher for the release of his new novel,  he is contacted by Police Lieutenant Kate Beckett. She investigates several murders that mimic those imagined by Castle in his books.


    Main Characters :



    Richard Castle (Rick), interpreted by Nathan Fillion. He's a famous writter a little bit egocentric. The day he decides to kill the main character of his novel and take a break, a murder similar to one of his stories happens and he's examined as a witness. Following to this experience and impressed by the performance of Lieutenant Beckett, he decided to continue to accompany her on her investigations because he wants to inspire her to be the heroine of his next novels, Nikki Heat. He becomes consultant and he wants to have his scratch “WRITTER” on his bulletproof vest, when he working with Beckett and her team.


    CastleLieutenant Kate Beckett (Kate), interpreted by Stana Katic. Kate is a lieutenant for several years. She started working at the NYPD to solve the murder of his mother (still unresolved). She's right and just. During her meeting with Castle, she thinks first that he's suspect but prefers to ask him to help them to prove his innoncence. She shows him no sign of interest but in reality, she read all his novels because she is one of his biggest fans.

    CastleInspector Javier Esposito, interpreted by Jon Huertas. Esposito is a good policeman. He's under orders of Lieutenant Beckett that he assists in all her investigations. With his partner, Ryan, he lets himself be gained by the good humor of Castle, which is not to please to Beckett.


    Inspector Kevin Ryan, interpreted by Seamus Dever. Ryan is the teammate of Esposito. He's under orders of  Lieutenant Beckett and he is a good policeman. It is of Irish origin.



     CastleDoctor Lanie Parish, interpreted by Tamala Jones. Lanie is a medical examiner. This is Beckett's best friend and one of the only people to whom Beckett makes confidences.




    CastleCaptain Roy Montgomery, interpreted by Ruben Santiago-Hudson. Captain Montgomery is the leader of the 12th district. It’s him who accepts the mayor's request that Castle remains on survey’s Beckett. He made his debut as a lieutenant of the 62nd. He sacrifices himself to protect Kate Beckett in the last episode of the third season.




    CastleCaptain Victoria Gates, interpreted by Penny Johnson Jerald. She is replacing Captain Montgomery after his death. She is nicknamed "Iron Gates". She is an ancient detective, who spent several years in internal affairs. She is very strict and rigorous with the law. Unlike Captain Montgomery who often took the defense of Castle, she sees his presence with a jaundiced eye.





    CastleAlexis Castle, interpreted by Molly Quinn. Alexis is the daughter of Castle aged 15. This is a studious student, mature for her age. She often gives advice to her father during his inquiries with Beckett.


    Martha Rodgers, interpreted by Susan Sullivan. Martha is the mother of Castle. She is an ancient theater actress. After being stripped of all his possessions by her ex-husband, she moved in with her son.



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    Thursday 27th March 2014 at 22:23

    I discovered this series during the holidays and watched several in English of course...

    I think I liked it ^^

    You lele teacher

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