• Bring the noise !

    Rolling Stones 

    Last week, the rock band announced a new show at Hyde Park on 13th July. 
    Obviously, they'll be never tired of playing music !

                   Bring the noise !

    Black Sabbath 

    This famous hardrock band gives a show at Paris Bercy, on 2nd december. This a great news for all their french fans who seen them a long time ago. 

    Bring the noise !

    My choice.

    In my childhood I used to listen to this music. I was born in a rock'n'roll family. My father teached me all that he know about the rock'n'roll. Let's share this beautiful song. 


    s a gift, I give to you this one. I hope that the teacher doesn't paying attention to the lyrics. :D By the way, I saw Alice Cooper on stage at Le Zénith last year, it was so crazy. 

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    Bonnie Dickinson Bonnie Dickinson profile
    Friday 12nd April 2013 at 20:13

    Buuuh! I should be 16 years old in 1980 when Ronnie James Dio was alive and Ozzy Osbourne didn't sell his soul to MTV yet ! IN BLACK SABBATH WE TRUST ! 

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